Red Group English

To edit sentences using adjectives.


Duncan has described his tree house for his homework. His teacher was not happy with these adjectives he used. Below is a list of adjectives used by Duncan to describe his tree house:

nice, tall, big, little, good quiet, smooth, brown.

Use a thesaurus to find better adjectives and write your own description of the tree house using the picture to help you.

19 thoughts on “Red Group English

  1. Nice: Pretty, beautiful, lovely, handsome, gorgeous, glamorous, stunning.
    Tall: Big, lanky.
    It was a gorgeous, lovely treehouse with a big, lanky ladder.

  2. 1. Pretty,beautiful,lovely,handsome,gorgeous,glamorous, stunning.
    2. Lanky, high, lofty, towering.

    It was a towering, lovely treehouse that Duncan loved to play in.

  3. Nice:pretty,beautiful,lovely,handsome,gorgeous,glamorous and stunning.
    Tall:big,high,lofty and towering.
    Big:large,huge,enormous,massive,gigantic and colossal.

  4. Nice: stunning amazing
    Tall:big lanky towering lofty
    Little titchy poky tiny cramped minor slight small brief short
    Quiet:isolated silent hushed calm tranquil peaceful

  5. The treehouse was pleasant as the stars. The treehouse was very large . The small squirrel was scattering around the tree. The outstanding treehouse was beautiful just like a diamond.

  6. The tree house was wonderful.
    The ladder was lofty.
    Inside the tree house it was enormous.
    The windows were tiny.
    The door was virtuous.
    Inside it was peaceful.

  7. The treehouse was very marvellous,
    The treehouse was tall as a tower,
    The treehouse is enormous,
    The treehouse is really tiny,
    The treehouse has perfection,
    The treehouse is peaceful.

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