Red Riding Hood Report

Your Challenge!

I would like you to write a report about Red Riding Hood. This can be done on the blog, or on a piece of paper.

The person who I think has done the best work, for them, will receive a big prize. There will also be 2 runners up prizes!

Be creative but remember I am looking for:

Headings, subheadings, an introduction and anything that makes your work stand out!

27 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood Report

  1. there once a girl called red Riding Hood one day her mum told her to give her grandma some food like biscuits and cakes to her then on the way she saw a wolf in the middle she talked to the wolf but her mum said do not reply to the wolf.

  2. litte red riding hood

    What does RRH like to do?
    she likes to play in the gadn and she plays trikys on the wlof .

    What does she look like?
    she has red chkees and she has a chest and a body

  3. red riding hood
    what dos rrh look like?
    she has red cheeks all so she likes to whear her favourite red dress.

    Where does she live?
    In the forest where the big bad wolf lives.

  4. red riding hood
    what dose RrH look LIKE?
    a she has a red dress.

    where dose Rrh LIVE?

  5. Little Red Riding Hood

    What RRH looks like?
    RRH is a little beautiful girl which red rosey cheeks.

    what does she wear?
    Well she often wears her red cape, it is so beautiful and it is very light red.

    Where does she live?
    In a little cottage between the big bad scary forest.

  6. Red Red ridding hood
    1.Little Red ridding hood took a basket and put blue berry in her basket.
    2. Her mum said that keep to the path.
    3. Then she promise and left to the path.
    4. Little red ridding hood entered the house and put down her basket. Grandma !”
    she cried . “What big eyes you and ears you have!” “All the better to see and hear you my dear,” said the wolf. “Come closer and i will see what treats you have brought for me.” 5.Little red ridding hood went closer and sat beside the bed. “Oh Grandma! ” she cried. “What big teeth you have ! ” All better now you can eat growled the big bad wolf. 6. The woodcutter dragged the wolf out in the yard and threw him outside. 7. Grandma thanked the woodcutter for saving them and invited him for supper and they were all happily ever afther.

    • Red Red ridding hood
      Little Red Riding Hood is known as RRH!

      What happened to RRH?
      Little Red ridding hood took a basket and put blue berry in her basket.Her mum said that keep to the path.

      What does RRH look like and act?
      She has a red cheeks, a red dress and she is little.she behaves
      well and she good to her Grandma.

      Where does she live?
      she live cross the parth and she is good but she is kind

  7. Red riding hood went to her grandmother house.Then a big ugly bad wolf came from the forest.she got really scared and then the woodcutter came and killed the wolf and they lived happily ever after

    • Some good sentences here Aisha but remember you are writing a report. You need a heading,subheadings and try to include an introduction.

    • Is this a report Aisha? Or are you telling the story?

      Use subheadings to tell me:
      What does she look like?
      What are her hobbies?
      Where does she live?

  8. I am so impressed with some of these!
    I like the reports with commas in a list, exciting adjectives and when the introduction really makes me want to read more!

    Remember you can also produce this on paper which will give you a chance to be creative and make it stand out!

  9. RED Riding Hood
    RRH loves going out in the forest.She went to visit her Grandma.But in the way she meet the big bad wolf.Her mum had warned her, that Little Red Riding Hood must be careful in the forest because there are dangerous things that can happen any minute.

    what does RRH like to do?
    on the garden she loves to play trick’s to the big bad wolf.

    What does RRh look like?
    On her face she has rosy red chicks and often you will see her wearing her red cloak because it’s her favourite.

    What is her favourite dress?
    Her favourite dress is red cloak and that’s how she got her name.

    • what are RRH hobbies?
      RRH likes to play in her garden because there are butiful flours and she loves flours.

      where does she live
      she lives in a small coteg near a forist where the big bad wolf lives.

  10. Red Riding Hood
    A short name for her is RRH!

    what does RRH LOOK like ?
    RRH is a rely good girl, she has rosy red cheeks,blond brown
    hair and freckles on her cheeks.

    what is RRH like ?
    RRH lives with her mother in the forest.

  11. Red Riding Hood

    Red Riding Hood is a popular girl, She is known as RRH for short!

    where does RRH live?
    RRH lives in the forest were the big bad wolf lives.

    what are her hobbies?
    she likes playing jokes on the big bad wolf.

  12. Little red riding hood
    We are about to read the small tale about little red riding hood.

    What does she look like?
    little red riding hood is always wearing her red cloak and has little tiny freckles!

  13. Red Riding Hood
    Red Riding Hood is a polite ,little and red girl.she is a naughty girl because she told the big bad wolf exactly where she was going… we will call her RRh for short!

    Where does RRh live?
    Little Red Riding Hood lives in the deep dark forest with the big bad wolf hiding in the tress!RRH lives with her mother and her Grandmother on the other side of the forest so that means shes not on her own

  14. red riding hood

    Lets call her RRH she naughty

    How does she look?
    She has red rosy cheeks, freckles on her face with ginger curly hair.

  15. Red Riding Hood
    Red riding hood is a confident girl, she spends her time exploring the forest we can name her RRH for short!

    Where does RRH live?
    RRH live in the forest but she doesnt live alone she live with her mother!

  16. Red Riding Hood
    This report is about RRH’she is a clever and a well known girl.

    what does she looks like?
    RRH is a beautiful girl with short brown hair and soft smooth freckles on her cheeks.

    What does RRH spend her time doing?
    Each day she vist her Grandma’ BECAUSE she is old.

  17. Red Riding Hood
    I will be writing about Little Red Riding Hood. You will mostly
    see her wereing a red cloak for short I will call RRH.

    Where does RRH live?
    Amongst the dark gloomy forest lived RRH, there was a Big Bad Wolf!

    What is her hobbies?
    Everyday she plays with her toys and trics the big bad wolf. She enjoys baking cookies for her Grandma.

    What does RRH look like?
    she has red soft freckles on her face.

  18. Red Riding Hood
    A shorta name to call her is RRH! This is how she got her name, she wears here red clock so thats how she got here name.

    What dose RRH look like?
    All the time she wears here red clock and and a red hood! she has rosy/ hear is dark brown hair

    Where does she live?
    She lives in a dark gloomy forest. In the forest she live in a house in the forest.

  19. Red Riding Hood!
    Red Riding Hood is known as RRH.Some of the children in the world like her red riding hood is a traditonall tale.

    Where does RRH live?
    RRH lives with her mother.When she’s asked to do something she goes to her grandmar.

    What is her habits?
    Her habits are to frighten the big bad wolf, talking to strangers and also getting lost!

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