Red Table Literacy – Theseus and the Minotaur!

Remind yourselves of the story ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’.

Now answer these questions.

  1. How was Theseus feeling at the beginning of the story? How do you know?
  2. Do you think the King of Athens was worried about Theseus going to kill the Minotaur. Why/why not?
  3. How do you think Theseus was feeling just before he entered the maze. Why do you think this?
  4. How do you think Ariadne felt about Theseus? What did she do that makes you think this?
  5. Why was Theseus so angry when he faced the Minotaur?
  6. How do you think Ariadne would have felt when she realised that Theseus had left her behind? Why would she feel this way?
  7. At the end Theseus says “From now on, I shall never do anything rash or foolhardy again”. Why do you think he made this promise?

15 thoughts on “Red Table Literacy – Theseus and the Minotaur!

  1. 1. Brave because he wanted to get rid of the Minotaur.
    2. No because many people had failed and would never believe anyone killing the beast.
    3. He was feeling brave because he was going face to face

  2. 1. Theseus felt angry and brave because he killed the other people.

    2. The King wasn’t worried that Theseus was going to die because he is an evil King that anyone has met.

    3. Theseus felt angry and brave to go in the maze.

    4. Ariadne felt worried and sad for him that he might die when he was defeating the Minotaur.

    5. Theseus was angry when he faced the Minotaur because the Minotaur killed the other people.

  3. 1) He was feeling brave because he was going to fight the minotor
    2) yes because he had no items to kill the minotor
    3) he felt brave because he was going to defeat the Minos

  4. 1.He felt ashamed and disappointed with his dad because his people were getting killed. 2.Yes because he stepped up to the challenge. 3 He felt nervous and terrified because he did not how he was going kill him without a sword. 4
    Ariadne felt worried for Theseus because she wanted to marry him. 5 He was angry because the minotaur ate his people . 6 She felt sad because she really wanted to marry him so much.
    By Farhan and Muhammad

  5. 1.Furius because people are dead.
    No because he wants to be alone.
    Theseus felt scared because the maze was dark.
    Terrified because he had nothing to find.
    Because hthe Minotaur killed 7 people every year.
    She felt miserable.

  6. .1At the begging of the story he felt angry 👿.
    Because he thought about all the people that the minoator ate.
    Yes because thesius might die his dad doesn’t want him to.

  7. I think he was feeling angry because his people was getting killed.
    I think he thought he would not kill the Minotaur beacause it was a strong beast.
    I think he was feeling scared beacause he had no sword or weapon.
    I think she was feeling worried beacause she was in love with him.
    He was so angry beacause it was this beast that had to kill his people.
    She felt sad beacause she really wanted to marry him.
    He made this promise beacause his dad had died accidentally by jumping in the ocean.

  8. 1. Anxious because the Minotaur was killing his people
    2. Yes the King was worried because he thought Theseus would die
    3. Worried because he thought he will get lost
    4.misrebale because she thought he will die and she won’t get to marry him
    5. He was angry because the Minotaur was killing people
    6. Misrreable because her face looked sad
    7. Because he left Ariadne
    By Tahseen and Vinay

  9. 1.Theseus was feeling worried because the Minotaur was eating people
    2. The King wasn’t,worried because maybe Theseus was brave
    3.He was brave and wanted to kill the Minotaur because so the Minotaur dosent eat people
    4.Ariadne fell in love with Theseus

  10. 1. Theasus was feeling angry
    2. Yes.because the King would think
    That the Minotuor will eat him.
    3.Theasus will be worried because he would be beaten up

  11. 1.Theseus was mad because the King was sacrificing people to the Minatou because I read the story.
    2.Yes because he might get eaten by Minatour the monster.
    3.He was very brave because he wants to end the war.
    4.Worried because he doesn’t want him to get lost or get dead.
    5.He wants to end the war.
    6.Upset because she wanted to get married with Theseus
    7.Because he forgot to put the white sails on the boat and he made his dad very upset.

  12. 1.Theseus was terrified
    2.Yes Because he could die
    3.He was scared
    4.She was worried and scared
    5.yes he was because it is his enemie
    6.sad because she wanted to marry Theseus he don’t do any thing wrong

  13. 1.He felt mad and cross.Because I heard the story.
    2. Yes because the Minotaur was strong.
    3.He felt scared and cross.Because it was very dark.
    4.She felt worried and scared.
    5.Because he was killing all the young boys and girls.
    6.Because she helped him and then he did something mean to her.
    7.Because his farther died and the gods punished him for not putting his sails up

  14. He was feeling sad I know because I could tell by his face.
    He was because he fort he would die.
    He feeling like worried just before he saw the princess and she helped him.
    She felt a bit worried about him beacause when she first saw him she was kind of in love with him.
    Because he was killing all the young people.
    Because she helped him and then he just left her.
    He left her but he forgot to change the sales so he jumped of the clif

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