Reflecting on our first week

Read Harvey’s first impression of his new class environment in 5 Blue. 

I think coming into year 5 is good because I feel a lot better when I’m doing harder work. It’s challengening for me because it’s hard and I like it because it makes me better at doing things that are harder. I feel great about stepping into the 5 Blue adventure in the morning.

Miss Ahmed and Mrs Edwards are great teachers, they put effort in to this class and how it looks.

Zeinab in 5 Blue has produced an excellent standard of homework this week. Here is what she had to say about her homework. 

When I did my homework I had to write my spellings and define them and also I wrote 8 facts about the 1960’s. I wrote up to 4 and a half pages when doing my homework. I will alway’s enjoy everything I do everyday at BroadHeath and also homework. (Top tip: When you find things hard for example maths just give it a go. It is ok if you get things wrong because it’s a sign that you’ve worked hard and never give up because good things can happen)

(Thank you for reading By Zeinab Keita.)

What have you enjoyed most or are you most proud of during the 5 Blue adventure so far? 

10 thoughts on “Reflecting on our first week

  1. I am proud of me and Harvey. When I did my homework I found it a lot when it was me who just ordinarily wrote 4 and a half pages. I have no idea why I write a big standard of work in lessons sometimes. But well done Harvey even I find homework quite hard sometimes but remember when you make mistakes you gain from them then you develop and achieve your work. Well done everyone else for trying their best.

  2. Well done Harvey for sharing what you think of Year 5 ! Also well done to Zeinab for producing brilliant homework. I have enjoyed art as we do more colourful and creative things 👻.

  3. me and Zeinab Keita are realy good a this kinda stuff i mean she knows all of her times table 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 im proud of her

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