Release some chemicals into your brain!

We have been researching the brain and how chemicals can be released into the brain; stimulated by situations and surroundings.


Your challenge tonight is to try to release some chemicals into the brain. You will need to find someone that you trust and care for. You need to give them a big cuddle. Really relax into the cuddle until you are only thinking about the cuddle. Once you are relaxed, think about how you feel.Post on the blog:

How the cuddle made you feel?

What you were thinking about during the cuddle?

Which chemicals you think are being released into your brain during the cuddle (you will need to do a bit of research to do this)?

Write what else you think you could do to release the same chemicals in a different way?

Answer the question; If it is true that what I choose to do will increase chemicals into my brain to make me feel happier, what things could I do every day to make my life better and improve my mental health?

2 thoughts on “Release some chemicals into your brain!

  1. The cuddle made me feel relaxed and really happy that I had that person to back me .
    I was thinking about our friend relationship.
    The chemicals that were released were Dopamine,Serotonin,Endorphin and Oxytocin.
    You could feel happy by eating chocolate,dancing,doing an amazing piece of work and gymnastics.
    I think it is false because if you could do whatever you want,for example eat as many chocolate as you want, you could get a toothache which would really hurt.
    By Samira Ali

  2. The cuddle made me feel joyful.
    I was thinking about happiness.
    The chemicals that I produced were Dopamine, Serotonin and Endorphins.
    By releasing Dopamine,Serotonin,Endorphins and Oxytocin you could smoke (for ten minutes) suck your finger/thumb, getting your own way,getting told off for something you didn’t do…
    It’s true because everyone releases happy chemicals every fourty- five days.

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