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Remarkable Homework in 1 Red

As you know we set very high expectations for our homework as it consolidates the children’s learning. In 1 Red we have had some excellent homework and what a fantastic role model for the rest of us. Please take a look at Zakariah Dean’s creative puppets from two well known traditional tales.

Can you name which traditional tales have been used for these puppets?

We need more of this as you are all capable and you are all superstars!

5 thoughts on “Remarkable Homework in 1 Red

  1. Well Done zakariah dean.Its so wondwrful,i cant actualyy believe it,i couldn’t even do that,even though I’m in year six, ok probarly if i copied your work i might be able to do it,but it would take me 1 or 2 months .You did it !!!!well done!!I’m proud of you :)

    TO GAIN!!

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