Tomorrow is non-uniform day. Please come to school in your own clothes and bring in your 50p. Also, we will be playing some games. If you have any, please bring in a board game to play with a friend. Many thanks.

5 responses to “Reminder for Year 2”

  1. Madeeha T.

    Good morning.
    We will miss you in year 3 Mrs Morris and Mrs Patel and I hope you are safe.
    I was so sad that yesterday it was our last day.
    I bet you outfit looked beautiful on you.
    Thank you all, you are the best teachers ever.

    1. Mrs A Patel

      You have a lovely holidays with your family Madeeha. Practice your times tables and stay safe.

  2. Bethany P.

    Hello everyone I’m so sad I’m going to miss the last day of year 2 but I’m sure that all of 2 blues outfits are absolutely amazing.I still have your gift Miss Morris so I will give it to you in September. Thank you all, you are the best teachers ever love from bethany Pearson.

    1. Mrs Morris

      Bethany, 2 Blue isn’t the same without you. We are missing you. Have a wonderful summer and I will see you when you are a sensible member of year 3. Take care. 😊

      1. Mrs A Patel

        Have a lovely holidays Bethany. Looking forward to seeing you all in September. Be safe and be happy.

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