Reports can be collected for Year 4 pupils from the school office on Tuesday 7th July 8:00am – 1:30pm.

Reports for siblings can be collected at the same time.

Please use Hanford Close Entrance only

Uniform will also be available at this time. Please see uniform section for details

Details regarding collecting books will be posted separately.

8 responses to “Report Collection: Year 4”

  1. Laylah M.

    I love my year 5 teacher

  2. Muhammad S.

    Ok I will tell my dad

  3. Bethany M.

    Ok I will tell my mummy

    1. Safya S.

      I got my report already but I dont know which class I’m in year 5

  4. Elyas S.

    Ok I will tell my parents.

  5. Arina A.

    Ok i will make sure to collect them on 6th July with my sister sarina

  6. Iqra Y.

    Ok my mum will collect them

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