Respect and Tolerance

This weekend England play Italy in the Europena cup (Come on England!) I am however always disappointed when I hear people not being respectful of the oppositions’ anthems and booing.

Should booing ever be allowed and if so can you give me an example of when it is ok to do so?

33 thoughts on “Respect and Tolerance

  1. I think booing should be banned because it hurts other people’s feelings and they may lose their confidence . I think we should only boo when something is unfair or someone is cheating .

  2. In my opinion, booing should not be aloud as its disrespectful and YOUR being rude to someone’s culture who they might respect a lot.
    Vinay and Yibo.

  3. We should respect both sides as they had both tried their best to compete and win, so booing and making bad remarks about the opposing or even your own team won’t change the fact that they won or lost so there is really no point. They should respect each other and have their own opinions however they need to be sensible and helpful.

  4. We should never boo a national anthem. The UK is a multicultural country and we are proud to have people from different countries living here. We are able to play football with teams from across the world and we must remain respectful to them. Respectfully listening to other teams’ national anthems shows that we are good citizens, great sportsmen and a great team.

    We feel bad for the other teams and we feel let down by the fans who think this is acceptable because it doesn’t represent our values.

    It might be okay to boo if someone is cheating in a game because this would show that we stand for sportmanship and honesty.
    – 3Red

  5. Umar- Booing should not be aloud because people worked hard and there making them upset.

    Jamaal- booing should be aloud when people do something wrong.

  6. I think booing is aloud because when someone says the wrong speech.
    It should be aloud for certain reasons if someone does Abdullah

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