Respect For All Is A Must.

Mutual Respect

Before we help someone who we think may need our assistance, it’s always important to ask first. They may not  need or want our help. We should treat everyone with the same respect we’d like to be shown.


Tell me how you have respected someone or something this week at Broad Heath.

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  1. 1 Red have been showing respect by being very kind to one another. They have listened very well and have not spoken over each other.

  2. I respect my teacher and i lisan at my teachers.I really like to help as many peole.A girl in Mr Strongs group a girl got hit and i toke her to andrea.Miss Ahmed and Mrs Edwards are so kind to everyone they like to help us the aske us if we need help.I really like to be kaind to everyone.Many people respect me because i respect them. If you respect and care about other they will care about us.I realy like BroadHeath becaus le many people like to share and be kind.To gain

  3. In 1 Blue we share the resources with our friends. We help each other and listen to our teachers to show respect.

    We are nice to one another inside the classroom and outside. We are kind to everyone and make sure we all play together.

  4. In the playground I helped the diner ladies by collecting and giving them out equipment. If I didn’t And there was no time it will be hard for them. I would like to do this because they respect us and keep us safe so I respect them.

  5. I have helped my teachers come in at lunch to finish some display work. I think respect is important because if you respect someone you will get respect back.

  6. I have helped my friend by helping them up when they were hurt.I helped my friend by taking care of them and making sure they were seen by a dinner lady.After she was seen by a dinner lady I made sure she was happy and I also made sure she was not lonely.I also made sure she was ok when we went back inside.

  7. l have helped my friends when they were on the floor hurt and I ask them if they are okay and also my friend has helped me when I got hurt and he asked me if I was okay

  8. First of all, I definitely agree that it is vital that everyone should respect each other and treat everyone equally.

    However, I have been respectful this week because….
    I used to be friends with a girl in my class but we have not been friends for 2 months. But we respect each other and treat each other nicely, with mutual respect even though we are no longer friends.

  9. I was respecting the teacher and the class.
    I never give up solves problems and in my work l will try .
    I always help my classmate if they need any stationary.

    By Esa Khan

  10. I have helped someone by playing with them because they were lonely the had no one to play with so I asked what she wanted to play she said tig so I said I’ll be it so I chased and she was very happy and she wasn’t lonely anymore and the next day I found her a new friend 😃🙂🙂

  11. I have helped my friend when they have troubles. For example when they fell in the mud and she had muddy trousers she was took to Andrea bye me that’s what made me Her friend and actually we were best friends before but that made us caring.also we had fun memories like making each other cards and she came over to my house.

  12. I helped a lady to open a door for her, though I did not know her I still helped her because she had crutches. It is important to help others because if I was stuck I would want others to help me.

  13. I give respect by giving needed resources to work and before I give up I do that to test my skills and ability before I give up and ask for help I think this is a good method to learn because you definetley know if you can’t do it so you don’t call for help if you don’t need it.

  14. I sore a little girl🙍🏼‍♀️from year 3 on her own on a bench so I asked if she is ok and asked if she wanted to play with me and then she said “I am ok” then she said that she has no friends so then I played hide and seek with her and then she was happy again and wanted to play with me everyday and she said she was getting bullied so she lead me to her bully’s and I told then to stop bulling my friend then I told them about respect and tolarance. And since that day she has not got bullied and she thanked me about stopping her getting bullied and the.bullies became her friends . Everyday she also gives my posters and letters about me helping her from getting bullied and for getting friends.

  15. I respected my teachers by listening to them and when they tell us what to do we do it.However when I was at homework club mrs Frankish gave us interesting information about the Black Death and we listened.

  16. I helped the new girl by learning this school and she is in my class. I respects my teacher by listen to them, listen to one another. If you respects your helpful to people like the new girl or a person who need help , how to solve problems.

    By Ilhan

  17. I have been respectful by listening to my teacher when doing my school work and I have also helped my friends when there unhappy or in pain.When I get myself hurt my friends help me too.

  18. One time I helped somebody was the first day of year 6 I helped everyone and filled up all the water bottles and I wasn’t even asked to do it. Another time was when I was sitting on the bus and a elderly woman came onto the bus and the bus was full so I got up and gave my seat to her.😄

  19. To show respect to someone,I have respected my teachers by listening to them.I also was listening to my my group when we had to work together we all were listening to each other so we all were participating and all of us were happy with the answer.

  20. I have helped my friend go to Andrea and I have respected him by making sure he’s alright and respected him as a friend and also treated him the way I want to be treated.

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