Google and other search engines can be very powerful and empowering, but with great power comes responsibility. It’s important to show respect and consideration when we use this technology.

Tell me a rule you think is important when using IT?

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  1. To treat everybody the way you wanted to be treated because if you be mean to somebody they will be mean back to you however if you be respectful to someone they’ll do the same to you! ✊🏼

  2. I know respect by, when I was in year 3 I sore a girl being bullied by a year 5 so one day I walked up to the bully and tort him about respect and tolerance

  3. Don’t share personal information online because you can get hacked and you really wouldn’t want to lose everything on your laptop/iPad.

  4. I think that it is important that we are safe on the internet and that we don’t open anything on the internet that you are not sure about what it is.

  5. A rul to use is never like never show your password or pictures of yourself if you are online or playing with people you don’t know as you could get hacked.

  6. One important rule is not to share personal information and to search appropriate things online.You should also be on things that are for your age.

  7. A important ICT rule is :
    To not look into people’s personal details the only one you can look at is your own which you should never share or your accounts could be hacked

  8. Never search up things that are rude because it never makes you learn anything and all that happens is that you learn bad stuff. The internet isn’t reliable sometimes and some very horrible things show up often.

  9. Do not give your personal details because most people in the world are hackers like a game called call of duty you can get hacked but please do not give your personal details. But if you now the don’t give them to because even if thy are your friends

  10. You should never try to give your personal information to anyone you don’t or even if you know them you never know people act kind when they are evil in the inside.Even some games can be very dangerous and can even ruin your life like for example blue whale game,this game has got many people to suicide,round about 7 people have lost their lives because of this game,some schools don’t even tell you that technology can be very dangerous.Thats why I am very proud of this school.


  11. A ruler hat is important for using IT is to be responsible to go onto websites which must be appropriate to use and if anything inappropriate comes up just delete the tab same with if u find an inappropriate comment which might appear you just have to be responsible and mature enough to delete the tab and be sensible about it.

  12. A rule I think is very important is using the the I pad carefully and knowing what you search is good for your activity and is telling you what you need to know. Another rule is that what you search up is appropriate for you activity and your age.

  13. The rule that means the most for me, of course all the rules means the most to me, but the one that stones out to me personally is to never loose your guard on search engines, even if it is secure like Chromium.. also lately in the news there has been loads of data leaks for example WikiLeaks and Facebook. I don’t use Facebook myself but I have saw on the news that there HAS been leaks and

      • (Continued, Once Again, Sorry.)
        And data releases. Also there has been games that some people are familiar with for example the blue whale came (CAUTION, this game will end you up with hurting yourself) which I think that sadly someone had to end their life over this game, it will keep you calm with normal questions like how old are you (I know that’s not normal but it’s way worse in the end) to questions like hurt yourself to reach level one hundred, obviously their aim is to fool someone but one question I think of is why do they want hurt in this world?.. it’s not helping them, and certainly not others. Also I know loads of schools which are not aware of the internet and HOW dangerous it can be, yet I’m proud of our school for posting blogs like this to make people aware.
        I’m Proud To Be In Team BH 😀

        By Farhaad :)

  14. A rule that is important when using IT is don’t meet up with people you don’t know.This is very dangerous because you are accepting that what they are saying is true.E.g.Hi,my name is Jack and I am 10 years old.They could actually be older and wanting to harm you

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