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Retelling ‘A Monster Calls’ in 6 Red

In our English work, we have been reading the text and watching the film, A Monster Calls. Today, we read a text based on the ‘house’ scene and we had the opportunity to retell this scene. We focused on:

– Use of voice

– Use of language

– Accurate description

– Tone

– Building suspense

– Language use

– Entertain the audience

You produced some excellent work! You all should be proud! 

Please listen to some of our work. 


Have a think about what you have enjoyed in these lessons so far and what you have learnt. I look forward to your responses.

Well done for a great first week back!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

35 thoughts on “Retelling ‘A Monster Calls’ in 6 Red

  1. This week I have enjoyed when we were acting out most of the seen because I think I learnt a lot from that and I hope that in the future we could also do more practical and fun things like drama.
    This week I also enjoyed coming up with sentences with figurative language because I think that it made a huge impact in our writing when we wrote our paragraphs thank you.

  2. I have enjoyed it when we could identify the language features in a text of A Monster Calls. I have enjoyed the book and the move and the film . I know that Patrick Ness was born on 17 October 1971 in Virgenia. I also know that he had wrote 9 books. And one of them is what we are already reading.

  3. I have really enjoined doing the activity’s the teachers have set up for us.I am really exited to pick out scene from the film and book and rewrite it.We are going to also send it to the author Patrick Ness.

  4. I really enjoyed the book , movie and the retelling the story. Although in the movie Conor’s mother died from a terrible illness.

  5. I have enjoyed last week because i used all of the feature the main part was to secure my learning and aim better.During this week i learnt about new things such as making progress and become one of the best person who really cares about they’re work and aim for a better level.This week was a fantastic week because we did drama and i was shocked when Mr Patel put my groups work on the blog but the main thing is that i very much understood.I also loved the movie as i watched it before.My favourite part is when he messes the house and the sad part is when the monster cant save Connors moms life.So he lives without a mom which is pretty sad.I also loved to research about the author who is called Patrick Ness. Here because younger one are going to read this i am going to tell you a little clue about the author.this author done a movie but 6 Red have the book and it is also in the Library.The purpose of the book is to entertain kids to like the movie.He wrote the book because his illustrater died and he wrote that book because she passed away.The book is different to the movie.

  6. So far this week has been fantastic! I enjoyed learning about Patrick Ness and his life. Patrick Ness is the author of our class book, which is call “A Monster Calls.” A true fact about Patrick Ness is that he was born on the 17th of October 1971. So this year he will be aged as 47. This was my favorite lesson because it allowed me to develop my researching skills more. By writing stories in the future will make me feel proud and feel as if I am a good writer. This is not just good for year 6 but for little one as they need to develop as well. This book will inspire me to write like this in my unaided writing.

  7. I have enjoyed watching the film and the drama . Also I have enjoyed Learning about Patrick Ness ,who has published 18 books. I have learnt about emotion between different characters in A Monster Calls.

  8. i really enjoyed leaning about a monster calls it was great fun i also enjoyed watching the film even if we havent finished watching it.

    • Well done for commenting. Maybe you could read the text in the homework blog I put on and share your thoughts on that. It will help with your learning when you are back.

  9. My favourite part had to be when we were finding information about the author of this book because if you are going to read a book you wanna find out where they got this idea how they planned it and many more. Also I liked when we did the voice overs because when we were reading the sections you tone and expression it was like we were there in the story experiencing this with Conor. When we were identifying language features it was good because it not only got us and idea of what we were expected to write but it helped us to make sure we not only make some of these things up but get inspiration from the official book.

  10. I have learnt many thing that I could use in my writing. When reading the texts I found out that they have you show not turn to build tension and suspense they also use the range of punctuation to build to also build suspense. They used a range of sentence openers to not bore the reader and interests them in many ways. They have describe things very well and they use one point per paragraph do not confuse the reader.

  11. I enjoyed this week so much! One of my favourite parts in this week was reading the book because we got to identify really good descriptive language that we can use in our own writing. I have learnt to retrieve and identify descriptive phrase and good language and explain why it is effective when reading it.

  12. I have learnt a range of different things like about Patrick ness the author of the book.example:his first book wa called the crash of hennington for adults.I have also identified language features in a text which was fun.Also a have been able to identify different themes in a story.Also I have been able to identify how the characters feel in the story using evidence.i have enjoyed the week.

    I am looking forward to writing a scene of a monster calls



  13. I enjoyed the book and the movie. I’m sad to see that we have to leave this behind. I was really excited when we acted out the scenes. I could one day, pass this book down to my children.

  14. i have enjoyed this week because i could find about why he did write the story the monster calls and i will tell you he did not have the idea of writing a story but he knew a auther who was writing this story and she had died of cancer and it was sad to hear but that was what had inspired him too write this story and the auther is Patric Ness and he had wrote 9 books and the auther who had died had wrote 4 books and this would have been her 5.i enjoyed watching the film it was fantastic and i enjoyed lerning about the themes and i had a very great image un my head why the auther had also wrote it this way

    done by Lyba

  15. I have enjoyed it when we could identify language features in a text of A Monster Calls.I liked it when we did this because we could get some ideas from that text to use for our A Monster Calls writing.I have learnt that Patrick Ness was born in Virginia.

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