Retrieving Information About Animals in the Rainforest

Today year 4 used their retrieving skills to find facts about the different animals they saw at Twycross zoo.

Some children in 4A made a video to present the information that they retrieved from different websites about butterflies.

Research more interesting information and record your findings below!

– What is their habitat like?

– What is their diet?

– How can they protect themselves from other species?



5 thoughts on “Retrieving Information About Animals in the Rainforest

  1. A butterfly’s habitat is in a tropical rainforest where there is a lot of flowers and leaves, also , a butterflies diet is fresh leaves and flowers which contain a lot of pollen. Butterflies can camouflage with leaves to survive from other species.

    Their habitats tropical rainforest:
    Their diet any fruits , plants , flovers
    butterfly’s are flying up also they they camouflage.

  3. Their habitats are rainforests.
    Their diet is they drink nectar plants and also eat fruits.
    They camouflage themselves,(to fit in with the flowers) to protect themselves from the predators.

  4. Butterflies habitats are tropical forests.

    Most butterflies feed on nectar from flowers. Butterfly also eats fruits.

    Butterflies camouflage so they can protect themselves.

  5. Well done children, you all spoke well. What I am really pleased about is that all of you less than 18 months ago could not speak English and look at you now. Well done , I am proud of my BH 4 A citizens.

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