Return from Doly Moch

Good Morning
We have been awake since 6.45 am and are preparing for our return home. We will be leaving at 9.00 am and the journey back to school should take about 4 and a half hours. We are hoping to be back at about 1.30pm
You will be able to pick the children up from this time.

9 thoughts on “Return from Doly Moch

  1. سمیرا یو مسڑ out on sooo MUCH FUN.We went kayaking,rockscrambling,mountain climbing and went to the beach.We had to do ALL our chores and make our beds and our lunch but it was all worth it!!!!Siver was the only person in group d (my groupـ to fall out the kaysk.Me and the others dived backwards in the freezing cold water 4 times in a row.
    :) :)

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