Review of an Information text

In year 4, we have been learning about information texts. We have looked at a range of information texts about Anglo Saxon crimes and punishments and I would like to know what you think about one of the texts you have gained information from.

What features helped you to find information?

Was there anything entertaining about the text?

Did you gain knowledge about the Anglo Saxon crimes?

Did you learn any new vocabulary and if so, was it clear what these new words meant?



12 thoughts on “Review of an Information text

  1. 1.My opinion about what helped me in the text is obviously the diagrams, captions, subheadings and headings.All of that these things help me when scanning/skimming for information in the text.

    2.The most interesting thing in my opinion is the non-fiction facts about the Anglo Saxons (so like the punishments and the laws ).However I do not know all the facts about the Anglo Saxons :)

    3.I learnt that if somebody kills somebody they have to pay money .If they don’t have enough money, they will pay with their own body parts each body part worth at least 10 shillings.
    Foot = 50 shillings
    Ear = 60 shillings
    I don’t know any more :(

  2. The features that helped us most were pictures and diagrams because they showed us understand the paragraph of writing.

    I liked the diagram because it showed me if you hurt or killed somebody you would have to pay a fine called a wergild.

    I learned if you killed a thane it would cost 1200 pounds.

  3. The subheadings helped me find out what I was about to read about the text,the bold title help me to see what i was about to write.

    THE most entertaning part was the punishments would happen,the other most entertaning thing was the punishments because they were a little bit horrible but funny.

    yes because i learnt that you should never kill someone in Anglo saxon times because they have harsh punishmants,my knowledge has grown because i learnt that you had to hold a steaming hot bar if you dropped it you would be guilty.nicole and destiny :)

  4. The features that helped us was sub-headings,headings,
    capions and images.Also it heled us becaues they made it clear.It was also set out by paragares.
    bailey and momina

  5. i have learnt about the crule things in the anglo saxon times. if you hurt or kill someone you will have to pay the fine which was called wergild but if you didnt want to pay or you didnt have the money you will have to be a slave. lea and summayah

  6. I know that in anglo saxon times if you kill someone you have to pay and if you don’t pay you be a slave.If the anglo saxon think your a witch they put you in the water if the float they will think it will be a witch if it doesn’t they indent . And
    Siham and alesha

  7. In class, we looked at Anglo Saxon information texts. The sub headings helped us to find the information such as wergild which explained what fines people had to pay if they were found guilty of a crime.

    I liked the images and diagrams. One diagram explained how many shillings they had to pay as a fee for the crimes.

    The Punishments where to hars and boring. From. Dielli and ryan.

  8. In year 4t we read Anglo Saxon information texts. We found out that if people committed a crime and they were guilty then they would have to a folk moat and they would have to pay shillings.

    The subheadings helped me find the information. Also, I liked the pictures of the punishments.

    Shillings was a new word also, moat and wergild.
    Wergild means fine. Moat was a place. And shillings was the type of money.


  9. the punisments of the Anglo saxon are cutting a big toe or a small toe and a nose

    if you killed someone or broke the law you would have to
    pay fine which is a wergild

  10. We looked at a video that told us about a naughty witch who was being tested to find out if she was guilty.

    It was funny because the men were silly.

    The witch was going to be burned by fire because they thought witches were made from wood.

    Another thing they might do is out her in water. If she floated she was a witch.

    We liked the video and the water was funny.

    Ahsan and Aleem

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