RH stay and play secret party!

Hello and thank you to all the parents that sent food in and came along to our stay and play secret party.  While you were here I explained how to log on to the blog and post comments:)

This party was the result of a whole week of work.  We used it to give us a real life reason for writing and it helped us get excited about writing.  You saw how proud the children were of their invitations.  We used it to improve our fine motor skills and weave some super place mats that we then used and will continue to use at home.  We also prepared food and learnt all about food safety and hygiene.

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0822 IMG_0823 IMG_0824 IMG_0825

As you can see, we worked hard on our spreading, cutting and folding skills.  By doing this we had the opportunity to develop our hand control which will make use better writers.  We also used some maths words like half and rectangle.  This helped us think about maths in the real world.  We even made sure we used words like spread and even.  All this was achieved simply by making a jam sandwich.  It is this sort of simple activity that, when done at home, can enhance your child’s learning.

IMGP8844 IMGP8845 IMGP8849 IMGP8879 IMGP8880 IMGP8882

While we made place mats and hats we had the opportunity to use shape vocabulary and described colours and sizes.


IMGP8888 IMGP8889

While we decorated our biscuits we had the opportunity to describe colour and texture.  We also had the opportunity to use language like more and less, key vocabulary for our maths learning.



Finally, with a little help from some of our wonderful parents, we did the best part!  We enjoyed the party!

Can you tell me what you enjoyed the most?  When you write your reply can you use the word because?

My favourite part was when we made the sandwiches because we all used some super vocabulary.


6 thoughts on “RH stay and play secret party!

  1. I have also enjoyed the party this is because
    i have learnt so much and i can now make my own sandwich.

    Another reason why loved this party was because we got to
    play party games party!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Masoom says he enjoyed the party because he made his own rectangular sandwich and making the party hat and the mat.
    he can’t wait fot the next party he said.

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