RH – Stay and Play

In this week’s stay and play we learnt to read high frequency words. We looked at words that can be decoded phonetically, like mum, and those words that are not phonetically decodable, like said.

Mrs Roberts went outside and played a word hunt game. This got the children active will trying to find the words that we had hidden. The children then had to write the words down and read them back. We made a game of this to see who could find the most. We also had a sand tray that the children used to write some of these words. You could try this at home. A fun way of writing at home is to put some shaving foam on a tray or plate and let the children write words on that. You can get value shaving foam from Tesco for just 26p. Make sure the children don’t eat the foam though.

Inside the children used the iPads to learn to read high frequency words. They used a game called Eggy Words.


You can find these on the below links;

Apple devices

Android devices


We also played a game of high frequency word bingo. This is a computer based game and you can find it on the link below;

HFW Bingo

I look forward to seeing you next week.


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