In 1S we have been singing some familiar nursery rhymes and noticed that in many rhymes there are repeated patterns and a familiar tune.

Take a look at us singing our favourite rhymes…

What other nursery rhymes do you know?

Can you think of a nursery rhyme that has rhyming words?

5 thoughts on “Rhymes

  1. I like your rhymes Mustafa, Ayaan and Safa. Can you sing your rhymes in the classroom tomorrow? Erin we can sing your favourite rhymes too.

  2. Hush a bye baby on the tree top
    When the wind blows the cradle will rock
    When the bow breaks the cradle will fall
    Down comes cradle baby and all.

    Rock, all and fall rhyme

  3. Twinkle little star, baa baa black sheep, monkeys jumping on the bed, old mc Donald’s farm caught a fish alive.

    Hickory dickery dock.
    Humptey dumptey.

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