13 thoughts on “Rivers – man made???

  1. I don’t think it would be great if you made your own man-made river because it would cost you millions of pounds just to dig the shape of it.It would look silly though as the UK already has lots of Rivers {like the River Exe,River Avon,River Thames,River Severn and the River Trent}.A name for a man-made river is a canal.I don’t think a river can be man-made because it has to go through the stages of the water cycle.

  2. Some brilliant responses Year 5 – keep them coming! :)

    I have a question for you: Is the Panama Canal (you will need to do some research) a river, a canal, part of the sea or a mixture of these things (if so, which?)? Why do you think this?

    • The Panama Canal is a canal that flows through Panama.It has canal locks-which take ships into the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. I think rivers are natural. The reason is because you can’t just make a river by digging a hole in my he ground and it will cause a lot of money and who will want to waste nearly all the money by just making a river. A river was put there.

  4. I think that rivers are not man made otherwise they would have to get a lot of water and dig a big line.Also the type of rivers that are man made are probably canal’s.I think this because canal’s are shorter than rivers because rivers start probably in the middle of a city then it flows out into the ocean so for you to dig a pit and put water in it it would take you about 10 or even 30 years.So never ever try it and plus it should be connected to the sewer so if it is not connected to the sewers then it is not a real river.This information is showing that most rivers are not man-made.

  5. Thanks Ryan and thank you also Mrs. Frankish. I’m finding it hard to find a definite answer! Party (I think) because making a river would cos millions of pounds and there probably isn’t much point (especially in a country full of rivers)! A canal is in fact a man made water system, although they are specifically constructed for travel.
    One things for sure, people (and beavers) have been deliberately been changing the direction of rivers for years and these are still classed as rivers; on this evidence I personally think that you could probably make a river if you so wished… I may be wrong though, hopefully we will hear some different opinions.

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