Rock Origins Lesson 3

To identify and explore the relationship between sounds and different meanings.

Listen to, and compare the two above videos. Which Performance is the most positive? What makes a Rock song Sad?

Remember to use musical keywords- Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, tempo etc.

This is for babies and toddlers.
Major is the term for happy sounding music and Minor for sad sounding music.

To describe how music can convey emotion.

To identify how sounds can be combined and used expressively.

Which instruments are usually found in a Rock band?

To listen to the work of musicians and composers, indicating own preferences. 

To create rhythmic patterns using a variety of instrumentation.

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Choose a Rock Song that you enjoy and create a drumming video using body, junk, table or mug percussion. Have fun.

120 thoughts on “Rock Origins Lesson 3

  1. Normally, a lead guitar, a bass guitar, drums and an extra musical instrument (often piano) would be in a rock band. I tried all the rhythmic patterns.

    • Thank you Hasnain. Have you answered the other questions on the blog? Please will you play some percussion rhythms along a rock track that you like? 😃👍

  2. The most posotive song was the final count down because I wish you were here is talking about love most likely a long distance relationship and what makes a rock song sad is when they talk about a love problem/issue or something else related to love makes it sad. Also, it can be other stuff about the singers personal life.

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