Rocket Fuel Investigation

In Year 5 this morning, we have been investigating rocket fuel! We have been thinking about a non-reversible chemical reaction that occurs when you put a vitamin C tablet into water. This reaction has been launching our rockets into the sky!


What was one variation that you tried?

What variable did you change?

What was the gas produced?

What happened to your rocket? Explain why this happened.

What could you change next time?

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  1. A lot of gas was produced because we put in 2 vitamin tablets so when we shook it,a made a lot of gas.Therefore it blew up higher.

    Why happened to the rocket?
    Nothing happened to our rocket because we didn’t use enough vitamin tablets and water.

  2. In the investigation we changed the amount of water in the container.We also changed the container. A lot of gas was produced because we put in 2 Vitamin tablets so when we shook it, a lot gas was made.Therefor it blew up higher.

    What happened to the rocket?

    When we put all of the ingredients in it made a big explosion it was fantastic.

  3. We did an investigation and we put vitamin c into water and it exploded up the sky.We was investigating if the rocket would fly up the sky.Yhe rocket actually flew up.The gas produced Carbon dioxide and the first time we did the experiment it didn’t work but the second time we tried it had worked.Thank you very much.

  4. The second experiment went better because there was less water and the vitiman C tablets gas was able to pop.We also shaked it more than the first one which allowed the water to reach the tablet blue tacked to the lid.

    Next time I would like to try lots of types of liquids dropped in a can with a vitimanC tablet.We could also try different types of tablets and drop them into water.We could try not putting on a lid and letting it pop the tablet up with the gas.We could use a fizzy drink bottle and put in about 5 vitiman C tablets dropped in vinegar.
    If this was going to happen again I would choose the fizzy drink idea because it would be more exciting and the gas might explode it so high it might take 10 seconds to come down.

    By Alina and Sumaya! :) :) :)

  5. When we used the vitamin c and the water dissolved when we shook the bottle the chemical reaction popped the bottle off the lid.This is because of the chemical reactions towards the water and the Vitamin C. Net time we could do this investigation we could identify the mode if we repeated this investigation.

  6. also the bigger one didn’t explode because there wasn’t enough vitamin c tablets and water so we tried to shake it then the lid fell and all the water fell out.
    Next time I would change the amount of vitamin c tablets.

  7. Firstly we put water in the little container. Next we put a glue tack on the lid the we put the victim c tablet on the lid and than on. Finally we shacked it but I didn’t work and I think the problem is there was not enough water

  8. Q1:The variation that we tried was a small film canister and we used one tablet and half the size of water in the container.when we investigated this we found out that as soon as the tablet collided with our liquid the film canister shot up in the wind like a rocket

    • The reason why this happened was because of the reaction between carbinite and oxygen,which created carbon dioxide. So that’s why we made a gas. Also there was 2 parts of oxygen and 1 part of carbon, which created a gas carbon dioxide.(this piece of information is adding on to question one already posted)

  9. In one of our investigations,we used a big container and only 1 vitamin c tablet however,it did not explode in how we would’ve seen it.
    We think that we could’ve improved our investigation by using more vitamin c tablets and water, although we will need a container that has a secure lid.

    We decided to put half of the water in the container and bluetac to stick the vitamin c to the lid. To be continued.

    • To be continued
      We tried the big red chocolate box which was obviously empty.
      We changed the amount of how much liquid to put in the container. The gas that was produced was carbon dioxide.The rocket which was the big red box did not explode because we put only 1 vitamin-c tablet and only put half a cup of water.
      What we should’ve changed in the investigation was put in more vitamin-c tablets and more water.Also next time when we do our investigation we could have a container that has a securable lid that would’ve made it explode.
      By Leena and Amina

  10. Investigation

    We tried cocoa and water which then meant we added vitamin c.
    Our liquid was water.Our item that we used was vitamin c.our material was cocoa.
    In our first trie out, we put the vitamin c which was on the lid and the material that was holding it was blue tag.

    • … Next bit

      We added abit of water and closed the lid with the blue tag upside,holding onto it the vitamin c. After that we shook the cocoa and moved away as fast as we can before it blows up like a rocket.

      We waited for a while and we got closer to check what happened to it. We found out that the cocoa was empty because all the liquid ran out on the grass! The reason the liquid ran out was because the lid was not on properly.

      The gas was fine it was because the lid. The water had hydrogen and oxygen and the tablet had asid. When all those particles hit,the gas was made which,the gas would have popped out but our lid was untidy,which then released the liquid without it popping. For the particle to get active it takes time for the gas to get ready for its job.

      We could change the cocoa to something useful like a water bottle and could change the liquid to vinegar.

  11. We tried using a different size canister but it didn’t work very well because we had not used enough water and vitamin c tablets.
    We changed the small canister to the gravy canister.
    The gas which was produced was carbon dioxide .
    The rocket which was the smallest didn’t launch because it didn’t shake it well be continued

  12. The varation that we tried was vitamin tablets,container,water and when we put the bluetac on vitamin c tablets.we changed the container because we thought it work better if we used a smaller tray.

  13. We did a rocket fuel investigation.

    We put vitamin c tablets in a container and put water with it.After we shook the container and left it.Seconds later the container blew up into the air.We found out that the big containers needed more water and Vitamin C tablets.We also found out that the more Vitamin C tablets there are the higher it will go in the air.

    By sana abdulahi and khuzayfah.

  14. Our investigation did not quite happen as we imaged it to be. We had tried the two containers which was our only options. The first container was the small one however all it did was let the gas escape. The seconds container did the same.

    Aleena and serena also mherish

    :) :)

  15. The variation that we tried was putting 2 vitamin c tablets in a film canister .
    The variable that we tried was changing canisters each time we did the experiment.
    The gas produced lots of fizz what made it spill.
    The first time the rocket did nothing,but the second time we shaked it and put more water

    • I’m going to finish off
      The rocket blew up.The vitamin c made the water get bigger,and it changed colour.On the last experiment we did,with Miss Redhead she put 2 vitamin c tablets in the small film canister.
      Next time we will use 3 tablets and more water so it will blow up bigger.

      By Ameena,Ellen and Anthony

  16. We tried 1 vitiman C tablet and water that was half the size of the canister.Then we tried 1 vitiman C tablet and had a little bit of water in a gravy pot.

    We changed the pot from big to small.

    It was produced by 1 carbon and 2 oxides.

    Our first rocket failed due to too much water.This happened because the water was too much and the gas couldn’t pop out as well.Also the amount of shaking was not enough to activate the boost.
    To be continued…

  17. When we did the experiment none of them fizzed up.
    The one we first did was with a small container and we filled it with lots of water and 1 vitamin c tablet. This didn’t fizz up so this means that it did not work. We could improve by having the same amount of water and vitamin c tablet. For example, 10ml of water and half a tablet. We could use a big container for the experiment.

    From Simran, Fareedah, Laiba.
    :) :)

  18. We did a test to find out how much fuel you need to power a model rocket. This is what we found out :
    In a large container if you use a big amount of the liquid and a small amount of solid it doesn’t go really high and it didn’t work very well it leaked loads though.
    And if you use a small container the modal rocket will pop. It will go really high.

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