Roll Up Roll Up! 3 Red go the circus!

What a fantastic week we have had this week in 3 Red!  

As the circus was coming to town, we decided to create some schedules of events, so that everyone knew what was going to happen and when.

We looked at examples of optical illusion art by Bridget Riley, and then had a go at creating our own!

When the circus came to Broad Heath, the clowns taught us some new skills!


We had great fun practising these skills on the playground for ourselves and even managed to do some juggling!

  1. What was your favourite part of the week?
  2. Which skill did you enjoy practising the most?
  3. Did you gain any new skills?


14 thoughts on “Roll Up Roll Up! 3 Red go the circus!

  1. It’s fun though but I MISSSSSSSSSSSS YOUUUU!!!!I want hamzah nosarker I have a brother in Kurdistan but he’s the kindest noise broad Heath citizen!

  2. Hopefully you love the 🌺 and you will miss me and I will miss hamzah n and umaiyah😞😥😫😣😭😪👤And I’m actually crying!

  3. Q1.My favourite part of the week was when the fair came we practised fun things and Mr Wilson almost died and sole project.
    2. My favourite skill was juggling and magic tricks.
    3.I gained lots of new skills.

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