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Roman Day in 3 Red

We had an excellent day today, as it was our Roman day! Watch the video below to see what we’ve been getting up to.

I hope you enjoyed Roman day!

What did you enjoy most about Roman day?
Can you tell me something exciting you’ve learnt about the Romans this half term?

25 thoughts on “Roman Day in 3 Red

  1. 1.I enjoyed the gladiator fights the most because we get to be the emperor.

    2.I’ve learnt the Romans never use to have gadgets like in modern life.

  2. I enjoyed the most when we did gladiator fights.
    Roman soldiers marched 18.4miles each year carrying a big pack of weapons, shields food and other things.

  3. 1. My favourite thing about Roman Day was when we had the Roman food and it was so yummy and i really liked the food because some of the food i eat at home and my best thing ever was the Gladiator fight because it was fun and i got to have a go at the gladiator fight and i got to have a turn and i won the fight between Oliwer and Oliwer and me both survived because when ever the emperor puts his thumb down that means the gladiator dies but if he puts his thumb up that means the gladiator will live.

    2. Facts about Romans
    The romans had orders but if they didn’t do as they were told they would chop of there head and be dead. The romans had to run a marathon every month and Because romans were strong and rich people was strong they eat healthy vegetables.

  4. We had to find out what numeral we had written on the paper.
    Went on a picnic and food-tasting.
    Made a mosaic on our sketch book.
    Wrote a coin in are rough book.
    Also,had a picture.

  5. I loved Roman day because we had to taste food and train fight and more activities.

    I liked when we done the training and fighting.

    We have been learning all about the Romans and Gladiators because we had to train and have food tasting

  6. I enjoyed Roman day because we had gladiator fights, the good picnic and tough training in the adventure playground

    Romans used oil instead of soap

  7. I enjoyed the activities we did and the most favourite was eating the food.

    I have learnt that they trained with wooden swords so they don’t hurt each other.

  8. I enjoyed when we had the gladiator fights , the lovely picnic and the tough training.

    It was exciting when we learnt about Roman numerals.

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