RP Pirate Homework

Next week Reception are learning all about ghastly cunning pirates who are continuously on a quest to find treasure chests full of gold and sparkling jewels.

Listen to the story pirate story below and complete the homework:


Green/Blue Group: The words below are found in the book:  Can you write a short sentence to explain what these words mean please and  make a list of words which have the same or similar meaning:

hoist  big  shift prickly   cunning  sight  grab

Can you write some sentences on paper that include the words above and bring them into school to show me please? Don’t forget to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. Say your sentence to yourself to make sure it is a ‘super sentence’ and that it makes sense.

Orange/Yellow Group: Can you draw a picture of your own pirate and make a list of adjectives that you can use to describe it please? For example, scary, big, ugly. Use the words to help you write sentences about the pirate. Make sure you are using full-stops, capital letters and finger spaces in your writing.

Red Group:

What is inside the treasure box below? Write a sentence with a supported picture about what’s inside and what you may do with it.

The best piece of writing will be awarded a special prize from the teachers treasure box!


14 thoughts on “RP Pirate Homework

  1. Grab mean picking things in a not very nice way.Hoist mean lifting things up.big mean large.shirft mean move.pickly mean sharp.cunning mean your clever.sight mean looking.

  2. Hoist mean lift something up with a rope or something else.
    Big means something is large like a giant.
    Shift means move.
    Prickly means sharp and pointy like thorns on a rose.
    Cunning means your clever.
    Sight means looking.
    Grab means picking something up not very nicely.

  3. Hoist-Hoist means when you use rope to pull something up.For example a flag.

    Big-Big means something thats large.For example a giant is enormous.

    Shift-Shift means to move and to move one thing from a place to another place.

    Prickly-Prickly means to have somthing sharp or spiky.For example a prickly hedgehog.

    Cunning-Cunning means somthing that is clever or nasty.For example witches plans are very cunning.

    Sight-Sight means see but is in past tense.

    Grab- Grab means when you pick something up in your hand roughly.

  4. Pirates love underpants.

    Hoist up the sail on the pirate ship.
    The golden underpants were big.
    The pirates had a shift.
    The undergrowth was prickly.
    The pirates had a cunning plan.
    The undergrowth was a sight!
    The pirates grab the golden underpants.

    Word list:

    Hoist-Raise up

  5. The pirate is really big and scary. He wears a red T-shirt and has green boots. The pirate has a patch on his eye and only one leg and a peg leg. I like my pirate!

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