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  1. 1) jellyfish is pink the shell is brown seahorse is orange and yellow and the ship is sailing on the water the ship colour is brown and red flag on it desert island and blue and yellow fish money in there red and orange crab in there
    2) the fish is red ogange and purple Shell light green and dark green colour green box in Treasure 1 green Tree..

  2. the colour of the fish is different, the crab is missing, the colour of the clam is different, the tree is missing, the cloud is missing, the treasure chest is missing, the colour of the money is different, ship’s flag and the seaweed is missing. these are the differences. ahyan enjoyed this task

  3. We have seen 9 differences. 1)Palm tree missing, 2) cloud missing in the middle, 3) pirates flag missing, 4) colour of fish is different, 5) treasure chest is missing, 6) the shell is a different colour, 7) coin is gold and not silver, 8) the crab is missing, 9) the seaweeds is missing.

  4. 1)The trees.
    2)The colours of the fish.
    3)The treasure chest.
    4) The clouds.
    5)The sewead.
    6)The cions are different.
    7)The different is scallops.
    8)The 2 green sewead and one pink sewead.
    9)The red crab.

  5. 1. The pirate ship in picture one has a red flag and the ship in picture two doesn’t have flag

    2. Picture one doesn’t have a treasure chest and picture two does have a treasure chest

    3. The fish in picture one is blue and yellow and the fish in picture two is orange and pink

    4. Picture one has a big cloud I’m the middle and picture two doesn’t have a big cloud in the middle

    5. Picture one has a crab and picture doesn’t have a crab

  6. 1. In picture 1 there is a fish with blue and yellow colour in the picture 2 the fish has an orange and purple colour.
    2. In picture 1 the shell is brown in picture 2 the shell is green.
    3. In picture 1 there are 2 trees on the island but in picture 2 there is 1 tree only.
    4. In picture 1 there are 7 clouds but in picture 2 there are 6 clouds.
    5. In picture one there is a silver coin next to the rubber band in picture 2 it is a gold coin.
    6. In picture one there no treasure chest but in picture 2 there is a treasure chest.
    7. In picture 1 there is a flag on the ship but in picture 2 there is no flag.
    8. In picture 1 there is crab in picture 2 there is no crab.
    9. In picture 1 there are seaweeds 2 green and one pink but in picture 2 nothing there.

  7. I found 9 differences:

    1. In pic 1 the fish 🐠 is blue and yellow and in pic 2 it is orange and purple
    2. In pic 1 the shell is gold and in pic 2 it is green
    3. Pic 1 has two palm trees, pic 2 has one palm tree
    4. No treasure chest in pic 1
    5. No crab in pic 2
    6. No flag on ship in pic 2
    7. Middle cloud missing from pic two
    8. Coin in pic one is grey
    9. Seaweed missing behind treasure chest in pic 2

  8. The treasure is missing on the second picture.
    The palmtree is missing on the first picture.
    The pirate ship is different.
    The crab is missing.
    The colour of the fish is different.
    There are clouds missing.
    The shell colour is different.
    The coin is a different colour on the top picture.

  9. 1. One fish is blue, one is orange.
    2. There is a crab in one picture but not the other.
    3. There is a red flag on top of the pirate ship but not in the other picture.
    4. There are more trees in picture 1 than picture 2.
    5. There are more clouds in picture 1.
    6. There is a treasure chest in picture 2 but not in picture 1.
    7. The oyster shell is brown in picture 1 and green in picture 2.

  10. 1.fish’s colour is different
    2.crab is missing
    3.clam’s colour is different
    4.tree is missing
    5.cloud is missing
    6.treasure chest is missing
    7.money’s colour is different
    8.ship’s flag
    9.seaweed is missing

  11. 1 one fish is blue one fish is orang3
    2 there is one tree in picture 2 but in pic 1 there is 3
    3. In picture one there is a crab
    4 One shell is brown and one is green
    There is 7 clouds and 6 clouds

  12. 1, The fish in the middle is a different colour.
    2, The clam is a different colour.
    3, The pirate ships are different.
    4, The is two palm trees in picture 1& 1 palm tree in picture 2.
    5, There is more clouds in picture 1.
    6, The treasure is different in the pictures and no treasure chest in picture 1.

  13. The 2nd picture has:
    – less clouds
    – only one tree on the island
    – no treasure chest
    – the shell is green not brown
    – the fish is orange not blue
    – there is a coin missing
    – there is no crab

  14. 1,The fish has different colors ,orenge and blue
    2,the shell has different colors,green and brown
    3,only picture 2 has treasure chest
    4,picture 1 has 2 trees while picture 2 has one
    5,the Claud one is bigger than 2

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