RRed Basic Skills – Life Skills 13.05.20

Good Morning Reception Red!

This morning we are firstly going to ‘Rise and Shine’ to ‘Boom Chikha Boom’ with Jack Hartman, after which you are going to choose two ‘Life Skills’ to do from the lists below:

Please comment on the blog to let me know what skill you have chosen to do and how it made you feel?

You can also send a picture of your chosen skill to: bhearlyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

50 thoughts on “RRed Basic Skills – Life Skills 13.05.20

  1. i always helping my mummy putting my clothes tidy i make my Mummy and Daddy sandwiches make milkshake for them i can pure juice without spilling I can prepare the all fruit for everyone when the breaking the fast☺

  2. I can pure the milk and juice sometimes without spilling. I will practise more to do that without any spilling.
    I can sweep into pile.
    Shower with little help.

  3. Hello Teachers and Friends
    I can do all of age 5/6 except empty the trash out because the wheelie bin is outside and it’s taller them me and sometimes I need help to wash my hair.
    I help put away groceries only what needs to go in the bottom draws and I empty the dishwasher and put the plates and cutlery away that is after my mum or someone big takes the sharp things out . The cup and glasses I put on the draw because the cupboard is high up . My favourite job is feeding Tyson my cat🐈

    • Eliza you are a very helpful little girl who takes pride in whizzing around helping others and looking after the classroom environment too.

      You also show an understanding of how to keep safe whilst doing a range of different jobs.

      Well done you should be really proud of yourself like we are 🌟

    • Wow Eliza you do lots of jobs at home that is super! That’s lovely that feeding your cat is your favourite, animals rely on us because they can’t do it themselves! Superstar! ⭐️

  4. I can brush my teeth and comb my hair by myself.i also help mummy to feed my pet cat,tiding up the table after home work and I can change my clothes by myself after taking a bath.i will send pics.

  5. I can bath on my own I can also dust the side units at home , I will be putting my clean clothes into my drawers later on today when mummy has ironed them aswell . I also have a saving bank account that I save money in every month.

  6. I always help my mum tidying up the bath toys after me and my brother had a bath. Emil has made his own bed tidy on his own when he woke up and suprised mummy :)

  7. I help feed my cats, tidy up, get dressed and brush my teeth by myself. I also clear the table, put some shopping away and clean windows and have started to pour my own milk into a cup and fold clothes. I also know how to make a call if there is an emergency. I am going to do some sweeping today.

  8. Good morning everyone,
    I have done the Rise and Shine.
    Life Skills that I do by myself are:
    Change clothes👕👟👖🩲🧦
    Make my bed 🛌.
    Eat my breakfast 🍳🧇🥞🍞.
    Brush my teeth.
    Use the toilet 🚽 and wash my hands 👐.
    It makes my mum and dad feel very happy and they give me treats 🍦🍭🍬
    (I don’t get all these treats.)

    • Eesaa this is amazing that you can do lot’s of different things that make you independent. I am sure that your mummy and daddy are very proud of you as am I.

      Keep Shining Eesaa 🌟

  9. I brush my teeth by myslef but sometimes my mom helps me. Usuallu i put my clothesaway by myslef and i shower with little help. Today i am 4 but tomorrow i am going to be 5 its my birthday🥳🥳🥳

    • Happy Birthday Ebu for tomorrow 💫

      You are definitely trying your best to become independent at home. Keep practising to brush your teeth and I am sure that you will be able to do it yourself in no time. 🌟

    • Great work Ebun you are becoming more and more independent you super girl! I bet you will be able to do even more now you’re 6! Happy birthday! 🎂

  10. I always help mummy to empty the dishwasher and unpack the groceries because I like to see what shes bought from the shop!
    It makes mummy very happy when I help her ❤
    ( when I asked Faris why he liked to help me, he said ” because I love you” ) ❤❤

    • Faris you are a very helpful little boy and I am very proud of you. You certainly are a super Broad Heath Citizen 🌟

      I also try to help my mummy because I also love her too.

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