RRed Entrepreneur Week Home Learning 03/06/20

Good Morning Superstars! I hope you are all well and ready for more fun learning! As you all know, this week is ‘Entrepreneur Week.’

We are learning about a famous entrepreneur called, William Hamley. He founded a very famous toy shop!

Today, we will be learning about money! Without money, you wouldn’t be able to buy anything!
As always, go through the flip chart and complete the work set for your colour group and look at video to help you.

Watch the video to help you.

Red Group.

Orange and Yellow Group.

Blue and Green Group.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment. Remember to send some pictures to bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

32 thoughts on “RRed Entrepreneur Week Home Learning 03/06/20

  1. Well done Eliza love the idea to rub the coins so you can then write the question and answer underneath. What stars you and mum are. How many silver coins did you have and do you know their value? Keep having fun 😀

    • You are a star Emil you counted the values in the jars of the set work then with 8p and 20p you found different way to make the same value. Can you do it with any of the other totals? I am blown away with your video telling us the value of all the coins and which has the biggest value. Great skills looking for the number on the coin to help you remember it’s value of confirm that you are correct. 🌟

    • Well done Siimeon great counting. Oh no! you could not find a £2 coin either. Keep looking, l wonder if it will be you or Shemaiah who finds one first? Can you make rubbing of the coins and write their values underneath.😀

    • Well done Jari finding all the answers for the money jars. Super work making rubbing of each coin. Was this easy to do or did you need help? Great work keep having fun. I loved the sock puppets wish you had sent a video in when you took them into your puppet theatre. 😀

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