RRed Home Learning – To Make a Toy 05.06.20 🧸

Morning Reception Red

Today we are going to wake up with some sporty exercises before we begin today’s exciting learning.

As you know this week is Entrepreneur Week and we have have learn’t about William Hamley, your favourite toy, money and you have had a go at designing your own toy .

Follow the flip below which will help you with ideas for the materials that you could use when you are building your toy.

Please send a picture or a video of your toy creation to: bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk.

Answer the challenge questions by leaving a comment on the blog, or you could talk about them in your video.

We are looking forward to seeing your amazing toys!

10 thoughts on “RRed Home Learning – To Make a Toy 05.06.20 🧸

  1. 1. The materials I used are cardboard and paper
    2. I joined the materials with glue and tape.
    3. No, my toy did not work as the way I wanted it to because it needed electrical parts to be able to run fast.
    4. Yes, Mr Hamley would be pleased because children can use their imagination to play with it.
    5. I could improve my toy by using electrical parts to make it run fast.
    6. The 3D shapes I used are cubes and cuboids.

  2. Well done Emil what a great aeroplane. I think it looks like a jet fighter. Don’t forget to answer the questions and write the answers in your homework book. Well done again.😀

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