RRed Home Learning: Basic Skills 04.05.20

Hello Reception Red I hope you are all well and ready to learn!

This morning I would like you to use both your reading and observation skills. You will need to read the captions below and see what minibeast it is referring to. It will be fun to do with a grown up or a sibling.

Write your responses on the blog by writing the number followed by the correct minibeast name i.e: 6 is a bee.

Let’s see who can match the most captions to the pictures correctly!

28 thoughts on “RRed Home Learning: Basic Skills 04.05.20

  1. Super answers everyone! Make sure you are all sending your photos in so that I can pop them onto our blog! Then everyone can see how fantastic you are! 😊

  2. I had fun doing this work we printed these off and stuck them into my book. 1 is caterpillar 2 is butterfly 3 is ladybird 4 is worm 5 is spider 6 is bee 7 is snail 8 is ant.

  3. Hello Mrs Dahil
    Here’s my answers:

    1) Caterpillar
    3) Ladybird
    4) Worm
    5) Spider
    6) Bee
    7) Snail
    8) Ant
    Spider is my favourite minibeast because l like spider man

    • Super matching Simeon and they are all correct.

      I like spiderman too he is one my favourite Marvel characters.

      Maybe you can draw an picture and send it in.

  4. Morning everyone
    1. Caterpillar 🐛
    2. Butterfly 🦋
    3. Ladybird
    4. Worm
    5. Spider 🕷
    6. Bee 🐝
    7. Snail 🐌
    8. Ant 🐜
    I like butterflies because the are pretty and colourful. The have nice patterns. I liked this activity it was fun . Thank you Mrs Dahil

  5. Good morning everyone ,
    Here are my answers to the questions
    1 is a caterpillar.
    2 is a butterfly.
    3 is a ladybird.
    4 is a worm.
    5 is a spider.
    6 is bee.
    7 is a snail.
    8 is an ant.

  6. This was fun! I matched all of the sentences to the pictures. My favourite minibeast is the bee, because I like honey and I had it on my pancake today.

    • I am glad you had fun matching the captions to the minibeast.

      Can you write the caption number with the correct minibeast that matches it i.e: 6 is a bee.

      I love pancakes with honey too!

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