RRed Home Learning – Maths – 13/05/20

Hi superstars! I hope you are all well and keeping safe.
Today, for Maths, you will be learning about measuring distance.

As always, go through the flip chart and discuss what you can see on each slide.
For today’s activity, I would like you learn through having lots of fun!

As always, please leave a comment to let us know how you got on or indeed, if you have any questions. Many thanks 😃

32 thoughts on “RRed Home Learning – Maths – 13/05/20

  1. The middle bottle is almost full.
    On the scale the toy car is lightest.
    The ball near the edge is the furthest.please can you tell us the reception email address and Musa wants to send his homework.

  2. I played with my mum and my sister. My mum jumped the furthest , I jumped the shortest,my sister jumped further than me because she is bigger than me.

  3. I did this with my dad and sister

    Attempt 1 : my sister was the furthest and my dad was the nearest to the start point

    Attempt 2: my sister was the furthest. Me and my dad were the nearest.

    Attempt 3: I had the furthest jumped and my sister and my dad had the nearest jumped.

    Attempt 4: I was the furthest and my dad was the nearest.

    Attempt 5: My sister was the furthest and I was the nearest.

    So my sister won in three attempts.

    • Super team spirit my members of your family and I can also see that You all had lot’s of fun attempting to see who jumped the furthest 🌟

      What different things can you measure with?

    • You must of had lot’s of fun seeing who jumped the furthest with your brother and sister.

      Why do you think you jumped the shortest distance?

  4. My daddy is big so he can jump further than us then my big brother and I was the last one because I am the youngest in my family. I was a very amazing activity I really enjoyed it.

  5. I have done the activities and jumped lots with my Mummy.
    We measured our jumps with a tape measure.
    Jari: 44cm, 48cm, 39cm, 49cm, 42cm.
    Mummy: 50cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 48cm.

    • Fantastic learning Jari and well done for mummy who also showed you how to measure using a measuring tape 🌟

      Who jumped the furthest Jari?

  6. I did this with my brothers and Anis jumped the furthest because hes bigger than me!
    I was nearest to the starting point because I’m smaller than my big brothers!

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