RRed Home Learning – My Community 11.05.20

Last week for PSHE, you looked at what we can do to help our Class Community.

Today, you will be thinking about the different places from around the world that our Class Community come from.

Go through the flip below and discuss with a grown up about the Country, City and place that you live in and the different places from ‘Around the World’ that your family come from.

Please send your short videos about yourself to bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

26 thoughts on “RRed Home Learning – My Community 11.05.20

  1. We tried to do the video yesterday but Faris was camera shy! So we talked about all the different things and here is the information:

    I live in coventry in the United kingdom.
    My mummy comes from Nuneaton in the United kingdom.
    My daddy comes from Tripoli in Libya.
    He speaks Arabic and English.
    Traditional Libyan food that we eat is cous cous, tagine, hummus and boreek.
    We celebrate Eid.

    I will send a picture of myself dressed in traditional Libyan costume! 🇱🇾🇱🇾

  2. My mom and dad born in Pakistan and they speak Urdu,Punjabi and English but Urdu and Punjabi is their mother language.we celebrate EID.We eat pakistani foods and we love Pkistani culture.Me and my brothers born in uk.we live in Coventry.

  3. My family was born I. England Coventry . My Grandad and Grandmother came from Pakistan. They don’t speak much English only Pakistani. I can’t speak much Pakistani but I can speak English. My next door neighbours came are Spanish they came from Spain . They can speak Spanish and English .

  4. My mum and dad speak Nigerian. We eat lots of difeerent food like jollof rice, pounded yam and my favourite is jollof rice and chicken. I live in coventry and it is in England. My brother can speak french he learns it as a GCSE

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