RRed Home Learning- Physical Fitness 07/05/20

Hello everyone 😊 Today we are going to get active and link our PE to our topic of Minibeasts.

First let’s warm ourselves up. Watch the video below and join in.

So this week we have been looking at caterpillars and butterflies. Watch the video below and look carefully at how a caterpillar moves.

Now with your grown ups, discuss how the caterpillar moves.
How do they move?
Why do they move like that?
Can you move like that?
Which way of moving is faster- a caterpillar or you?

Activity: See if you can recreate how a caterpillar moves and make up a caterpillar dance.
We would love to see your dance creations. Please send your photos and short video clips to : bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry. sch.uk

Also don’t forget to keep practising the activities below. There are 4 separate activities to try. Remember practice makes perfect! 😊

24 thoughts on “RRed Home Learning- Physical Fitness 07/05/20

  1. I jogged on spot 47 times in 30 seconds , I threw rice in basket lid 10 times 9 went in 1 didn’t , I bounced a ball 18 times in 30 seconds , and I hopped 47 times on one foot aswell .

  2. 1,A caterpillar wiggles like a wiggly worm 2, They need to find somewhere safe , and to find leaves to eat . 3, I wiggled n jiggled all over the floor . 4, I can move faster than a caterpillar .

  3. We have just looked at this blog post this morning. Yusuf enjoyed talking about how caterpillars move. He wriggled on the floor. He also did some hopping, jogging and throwing in the living room.

  4. A caterpillar move slowly with his short legs caterpillar body gos up down then he move slow Because they are very small they haven’t got much energy I’m faster than caterpillar .

  5. 1)A Caterpillar stretches his body to move.
    2) Because they have to with their short legs.
    3) No, I cant.
    4) I am very fast, more than a Caterpillar.

  6. Caterpillars squeeze their muscles and move forward with their hundred little legs.
    I can move like that.
    I am faster than a caterpillar.

  7. 1.a Caterpillar squeezes and streches his body to move.
    2.with the help of his long and short legs.
    3.yes I can.
    4.i am faster than a Caterpillar.

    • 1, A Caterpillar squeezes and stretches it’s body to move and also has 16 legs.
      2, It needs to move to find food and a good place to rest.
      3, I can move like a Catapiller.
      4, I am faster than a Catapiller
      I enjoyed doing the excerises, I can jog really fast, and a like to throw the bean bag my Daddy made into a circle and hopped could hop 22 times.

  8. How do they move?
    Caterpillars move by stretching and squeezing their muscles.
    Why do they move like that
    Caterpillars move like that because they have long and short legs.
    Can you move like that?
    Yes I can, it is like a wiggle lying on the floor.
    Which way of moving is faster- a caterpillar or you?
    I am faster than a caterpillar.

    Jogging – I did 200 sprints
    Basketball Hoops – I got 5 out of 10 shots
    Bounce – I bounced the ball 30 times
    Hopping – I hopped 50 times on one foot

  9. I have watched the video.
    “Caterpillar moves slowly and eats leaves. Caterpillar body goes up down and then moving. Caterpillar stretches her body”.

    I did hopping 34 times on one foot.

  10. Caterpillars have legs to move and they moves slowly.
    Because they are very small and don’t have that much energy
    I can’t move like a caterpillar because I am too big and have more energy than caterpillars.
    I am faster than a caterpillar.
    I had fun watching the video and trying to move like a caterpilla.

  11. A Caterpillar wiggles! , it does this so it can climb to eat leaves.
    I can wiggle like a Caterpillar 🐛
    I am faster than a Caterpillar!

    I have made some dance moves with Anis and practised my activities. My mummy will send photos.

    • Thank you for the lovely pictures showcasing your fantastic caterpillar wiggles.

      Looks like you had lots of fun with Anis!

      I will definitely have a try too!

  12. jogging
    I did 113 and my sister got 117
    I did 10 and my sister got 10
    I got 7 and my sister got 115
    Hop foot
    I did 115 and my sister got 120.

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