RRed Home Learning – Physical Fitness 14/05/20

Hi everybody😊 Today we are going to get busy and active.

First let’s warm up. Watch the video below and get moving!

Now practise as many of the following activities as you can from the flip chart below.

Challenge: Can you create an obstacle course where you travel using different methods?

Please send your photos or short video clips to : bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry. sch.uk

14 thoughts on “RRed Home Learning – Physical Fitness 14/05/20

  1. Sprints:
    For my first time I got 10 and on my second time I got 11.
    I got 6 my first time and I got ten the second time.
    I can’t skip.
    I got 50 times.

    Star jumps:
    I got 40 in 1 minute.

    • What a star Eesaa you had a go at most of the activities.

      You now need to focus on your skipping and I am sure that if you persevere you will surely succeed.

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