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Rule of Law

Rule of Law
The government introduce laws not just to protect us but also to help the world. Cars powered by petrol and diesel contribute
towards air pollution. Banning these will help make the air cleaner.

Will banning cars make life better though?

We have an Eco Club at Broad Heath- what things do you think we should be doing to make BH a safer, healthier place for thenow and the future? (See Mrs Carter in 1R if you want more information about the club)

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  1. Banning cars is a good thing. This is because it is good for the environment and people themselves physicallly.It would also help and encourage people to buy electric cars and cars that do not need petrol or diesel.On the other hand, it will put several people and companies out of business.I think diesel and petrol cars should only be used in an emergency if there is no electric car available.

  2. I think banning cars is a bad idea.Emergency services use cars to save lives.Making cars electric would be better instead of banning them altogether.

  3. I believe that banging cars will not make life easier. This is because cars support us to travel to long distances. In addition, cars help you travel to your destination quickly. To conclude, I believe that banging cars will not make life easier.
    To make BH a better place we should:
    * Plant more trees because trees produce oxygen and we need oxygen to function.
    * We should recycle more because you shouldn’t waste things such as paper as they come from trees ; if you recycle things they can be created into new objects.
    * We should put stuff in the bin. This will result in, the world being a cleaner, more hygienic place.

  4. I don’t think banning cars is a good idea because even though there is lots of pollution, cars help us to get to different places really fast and if we didn’t have them people would be slower getting to work and they would be late.

  5. I Think We Should Ban Cars.

    Because People Barth In The Cars Gas And They Choke And It’s Bad For their Lungs And Possibily They Could End Up Dying From It.

    That’s Why It’s Bad For You.

  6. I think don’t think they should ban cars, but I think there should be something like a limit to the use of cars. We need cars to travel faster, but it’s bad for the environment. That’s why I think there should be a limit to the use of cars.

  7. 3 White’s thoughts:

    Making cars electric instead of petrol will help stop pollution. Have no cars would make the world safer especially when crossing the road. The Eco Club can help by picking up the some of the rubbish that has blew on to the playground and recycle.

  8. 1 White
    Some children think it is a good idea to ban cars because it is better for the air. They said breathing in car fumes can make your lungs black. They said it is bad for the air and we want to breath in oxygen.

    Some children like having cars because they can drive to the park or on holiday or to school and they like doing these things.

    It would be better if more people had electric cars or went on the bus or walked.

    To make BH healthier and safer;
    It would be good to plant more trees and flowers.
    We can keep putting our paper in the recycling bin.
    We will put rubbish in the bin and pick up litter.
    Shut the doors when we go outside so the class stays warm.

  9. We definitely want to look after our environment. It would be great if everybody could get electric cars instead but this would cost us lots of money. If petrol cars were banned, we would have to walk and this would be good exercise! Maybe we could stop selling petrol cars and then eventually everybody will have electric cars?

    At BH we could get better at recycling! Sometimes people put the wrong things in our recycling bins!


  10. I sometimes see lots of litter around school and I don’t like this. We could help the environment by picking this up. We can also ensure we aren’t dropping any litter. We can also make sure that we use equipment carefully, so it doesn’t break and we won’t be wasteful with it. To help the environment, we can switch off lights and computers when we aren’t using them. In future, we could use recycling bins on the playground, or use compost for our fruit.

    -3 red

  11. I would suggest that banning cars will not make life easier as it takes away a mode of transport numerous amounts of people use. Instead, they could use renewable energy so they could be turned into electric variants of there original type.

  12. Will banning cars make life better though?

    I disagree, because it will be harder to transport to places. However, without cars it would be great exercise and it would be very healthier. As well as this, this can cause pollution.

  13. No because then people will just become lazy and not get out of the house but if we had electric cars people will not be as lazy anymore.

  14. I think that banning cars will not make life better as they help people get around. Expanding on this, people will start to get late for important meetings or things that they need to do. However, banning cars could prevent global warming.

  15. I will try and help broadheath if l can and also I will try and protect the school equipment.
    Will banning cars make life better through?
    There are 2 answerfor this question well the first answere is if you don’t have a car you will get more exercise. And the second answer is if you were is a car to go to the hospital 🏥ASAP then you will need a car.

  16. I believe we should not ban cars that are electrical however the cars that use diesel etc should be banned because the cars which use diesel will affect the environment in quite a bad way.Yet electric cars are quite expensive to manufacture therefore we shouldn’t ban petrol powered cars yet.

  17. Will banning cars make life better though?
    Banning cars will reduce air pollution (as it is petrol and diesel that causes this).However this may cause inconvenience because any people use cars to travel long distances.Parents also use cars to drop/pick up their children to/from school or mosque or other out of school clubs

  18. Banning cars which produce diesel and petrol should be banned as in 10 years all petrol cars will be banned. Therefore, only electronic cars will be created. However, electric powered cars will be very expensive thus banning cars may be a bad choice for the world.

  19. Will banning cars make life better though?
    Banning cars should make life better because diesel and petrol cause air pollution so banning cars will decrease the air pollution.Also to take more cars off the road would make people feel safer and more confident.

  20. In my opinion, I believe that cars shouldn’t be banned as it is a bad cause for the environment due to air pollution, but it still does play a big part in the lives of humans. It also allows people to firstly purchase the car, and then ride it around whenever they want without having to pay again and again like you have to do on buses and trains. Therefore, I think that cars should stay.

  21. Banning cars would be better for the environment because less pollution and less carbon dioxide also there other ways of transport like bikes and just walking or running. To help the environment we could keep the staff cars on Stoney Stanton road be parked outside of the school to help the schools pollution.

  22. To be honest I don’t actually know if banning cars would make a better life because if you went to a airport how are you going to get there? You have to walk 10 miles or more

  23. Banning cars is a good reason and a bad reason, because the petrol station can cause fire and if you’re late for something you can hurry by using the car.
    Maybe in the diner, we can add little healthy snacks like fruits.

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