Rule of Law

Rule of Law
There are laws in place so that peopleuse e-scooters safely. If e-scooters
become more popular in the future, laws may have to change to protect members of the public.

Why are e-scooters dangerous and what law should happen?

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  1. E-scooters are dangerous because people sometimes run other people over which means they can not control it properly. In my opinion I think to ride an E-scooter you should need a licence because then If you run a child over or do property damage they can pay for it or get points on their license. In addition they can even get their license get taken off of them depending on how bad it is.

  2. E-scooters are dangerous, as they can go at high speeds, and can cause many accidents. I think there should be a special lane for bikes and scooters so less accidents happen.

  3. E-scooters can be dangerous a lot because it can cause lots of big accident for example not ridding probably the e-scooter,personally I have 1 but I only ride when I go to the park but yes the law can just ban them or just or just drive like a bike for example they pedal it once and they have to pedal once after 5mintues

  4. E scooters are dangerous as they can cause accidents such as collisions. A law that should be introduced is so that there are special lanes for all scooters and e scooters.

  5. They are dangerous because they can crash into small children or adults because their speed if fast and there should also be a law if they get popular so they won’t got too fast.

  6. E scooters are dangerous because if someone is riding one on a pavement it is potentially putting people in danger or if someone is riding one on the road it can cause a car accident and you could make this safer if there was special e scooter lanes and then there would be no accidents involving e scooters if every rider stayed in that lane.

  7. They are dangerous because they are very fast and most people who will use it will get injured. I think the new law should be that e scooters are not allowed.

  8. I think it’s dangerous because people can speed on the road and cause an accident with many cars and many people could get hurt.Also if people are speeding passed others on the pavement they might crash into the people and the little kids who are running on the pavement.They could run into a small child. A law should be that they make a lane for bikes and scooters only so that way it’s safer for people.

  9. They are dangerous because f they are riding them on the pavement when people are on it it may hurt someone. I think that the law should be that no e-scooters on the pavement and you have to ride them in the road.

  10. They are dangerous because if someone goes really fast they might crash into someone and there are little children about so they should be banned

  11. E-scooters are dangerous as they automatically move and if you just fiddle around with it using the handle and your on the pavement, it is likely for an accident to happen. If I could create a new law for this problem, I could build a cycle-only lane for people who have bicycles and scooters.

  12. The E-scooters are dangerous as if someone is using them and is going really fast they most likely get into a accident and even hurt someone.In my opinion the new law should be that there could be a new lane for scooter’s and bikes.

  13. I think that e-scooters are dangerous because if they go on the road it may be dangerous since a car may hit it and if they go on the pavement they might hit someone. Electric scooters can go really fast and are hard to control so you can lose balance and fall off and cause a severe injury.

  14. E-scooters are dangerous as they can reach high speeds and they ride on the pavement. The pavement is made to keep pedestrians safe however they are at risk of being run over.

  15. Why are e-scooters dangerous and what law should happen?
    It is dangerous because if you are on the road you might crash or in the park you might bump into pedestrians.

  16. They can be dangerous because people can crash at high speeds.
    They should make a law where you can’t go over a speed limit on an e-scooter.

  17. There dangerous because people can speed it and maybe can crash to someone there should be a law because then it will keep happening and people might get hurt and the e scooter should not be used

  18. They’re dangerous because it makes more speed, so if some person is in the way, it will take time for it to stop. The law should be that an e-scooter should not be used.

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