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  1. Parents- Don’t be so hard on children I know we can make our parents cross at sometimes but they have no right to swear hit or make there child feel bad about there selves.
    Children- Treat everyone with respect and kindness and not say mean words about other children or talk behind there back.

    Teachers- When a child does something bad don’t shout at them just tell them not to do it or just put them on the trafic lights.

  2. What laws would you set for coming to school in September?
    1. Parents – I would say to be respectful to teachers and make sure your child turns up for school on time.
    2. Children – don’t litter the playground because they are lots of bins for you to use so there’s no excuse.
    3. Teachers – I don’t know because our teachers work hard already and more laws might mean they won’t enjoy their job so much.

  3. The rule I would give to parents when coming back in September 2021is to let there children do what they want to do and not force them to do stuff.
    Furthermore, the rule I would give to children 👶 is that they have to be more responsible and mature and not be ungrateful. Finally, the rule I would give to teachers is that they let the children have free time every Friday afternoon.

  4. 1) I would make it so that parents have to ensure that children never go to school sad. If they get told off then the parent has to make sure that the child understands why they got shouted at. As children get sensitive and sad when they get told off , so if you explain to them why they are in trouble there spirits will lift and they will never do it again. A if a child is sad , their emotions can affect they skills and performance in school.

    2) They have to make sure that when they come school they do not break any of the school rules when coming to school. They also have to have huge respect for the teachers as they take 6 hours of their day teaching the next generation. Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs in the world . They prepare the next generation so they are ready to mature and live effienctly on their own. It will help them be more intelligent and the human race will live of for longer. That is why you should have huge respect for teachers as they are doing us all a big favour even if we don’t know it. If you are nice to them then they will be happier and it will also affect their performance. That is even better as they will teach more better.

    3) Even though they are the ones teaching they have to be nice to the students so they don’t get angry or break any school rules. If the teachers are better and nicer than the students will also be . You have to really set a good example to children as an adult. As, what you do , they think is ok and will copy you. You have to teach them to be good as they will listen to you as you are an adult.

  5. Parents: To follow government guidelines and follow all rules including the School rules.
    Children: To respect all their new teachers and their classmates,
    Teachers: To wear their mask at all times even when teaching and to speak to parents outside.

  6. Parents- Never leave your children behind when you are on the phone because they could get kidnapped.

    Children- Be respectful to your parents and teachers because you dont want to get in trouble.

    Teachers- Let students have fun and let them enjoy themselves.

  7. Parents – No causing Child Abuse, the reason I say this because when children get hurt they normally cry and might have a feeling of not liking them , they might swear at them or say something very mean to them. Therefore I say No Child abound should be a law for Parents

    Children – Always pay attention and complete homework, I say this because if children do not pay attention then they won’t succeed in life and plus they’re parents are paying for school and everything so the children should be grateful. Therefore I say should should pay attention more in school and complete they’re home as soon as possible (ASAP).

    Teachers – I couldn’t really think of anything really relevant that teachers need to include but the only thing I could think of was teachers being more kind, because some teachers are really strict and also , many kids ( including me ) think that Mr Mashford is our favourite teacher as he is really funny and not angry when someone goes on tragic light , instead he tries to be as calm as possible and I would like it if every teacher was like him.

  8. 1.parent=let them what want to do and let them follow there dreams.
    2.children=do what they want don’t follow bad things do what you want.
    3.Teachers=teach us things that we like to learn let us do what we should.

  9. 1. Be carful when walking with your child

    2. If your going into year 5/6 be carful when crossing the road if your walking by yourself and NEVER talk to strangers and be respectful to teachers.

    3. Be respectful to children and make sure they have a fantastic time (which they will have a fantastic time)

  10. Parents-To always help there child and not only sometimes for younger kids in year 3 or below
    Children- Do not tell anyone your name(someone you don’t know)
    Teacher-To be nice to other teachers and don’t always think you the best and to be themselves

  11. For parents a new law I would set is not giving us vegetables
    For teachers to let kid pick what subject
    For children not to run around streets by them selves

  12. Parents should always wear masks and social distance.
    Kids wash their hands every hour and social distance.
    Teachers must wear masks and use hand sanitizer.

  13. Parents- You must make sure your child comes to school on time.
    Children- You must make you wear your full school uniform to school.
    Teachers- Teachers are not allowed to keep there phone out whilst teaching.

  14. Parents: Make sure your children are coming to school on time, otherwise you would write a note or call the school office.
    Children: You should always wear you school uniform unless it is a trip or a non-uniform day.
    Teachers: Teachers are not allowed their phones in class.

  15. For parents to always wear a mask and keep there distance,
    for children after school they are not allowed to play on the adventure and for teachers they should wear a mask at all times and if they need to speak to the teachers they should talk to them outside not inside.

  16. Parents- Should send children to school everyday and feed children breakfast.
    Children- Complete all their work to the best of their ability.
    Teachers- Treat everyone equally and respectfully.

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