RW give their opinions on ‘The Gruffalo’ story!

RW have loved learning about, ‘The Gruffalo.’ A small selection of book reviewers gave their opinion.

Let me know what number, out of 10 you would give to this story. 1- not good, 10- amazing! Make sure you give me a reason 😁

Have a wonderful weekend. I cannot wait to read your comments!

17 thoughts on “RW give their opinions on ‘The Gruffalo’ story!

  1. i like the gruffalo story because the little mouse made the fox and owl and the snake all scared if him. i like the gruffalo becasue his scary sharp claws and orange eyes. i give this book 9/10

  2. I love the gruffalo story everyone want to eat the little brown mouse for there dinner and the gruffalo saves the little brown mouse and they become friends. I love the big sharp teeth the guffalo he brushes his teeth Because they are shine and clean. 10 out of 10.

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