RW Star Bloggers of the Week

I would like to say well done to those that have completed all their home learning and have either commented on our class blog or sent photographs to show what they have been doing! I am super proud of you 😁

If you haven’t been chosen this week, don’t worry or be upset. You might be the winners next week. Remember to carry on commenting and sending us your super work!
Each week a boy and a girl will be chosen – these will be announced every Thursday.
Because we are kind BH citizens, I expect you to congratulate your friends who have received these certificates.

Again, this week was very tricky for Mr Mahmood. Therefore, I have chosen 4 superstars!

Rayan has consistently produced outstanding pieces of work every day. His presentation is exemplary and he is making progress every day. Keep up the great work Ray!

Sidrah has been commenting and sending pictures of her wonderful home learning every day. Not only that, she has made so much progress in all areas of her learning. I am beyond proud

Zakariyah has been an absolute star! He completes his work beautifully and is persevering with the home learning. Zak also comments and sends in pictures of his learning almost everyday!

Sumayyah A is another superstar who completes her work at the very highest standard. Sumayyah comments and sends in pictures of her work – this makes me so happy and proud!

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  1. This put a smile on Zak face, he also says well done to all the superstars.
    Well done to all the superstars of RW keep up the good work.

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