39 thoughts on “RW Basic Skills – Story-Time 11.05.20

  1. What a super story Mr Mahmood. I can’t decide which is my favourite can I say rainbow colour then I can have all of them because nothing is as magical as a rainbow 🌈

  2. I like the story.I like blue colour because it looks nice. I have many thing in blue colour like most of my clothes, books and toys. I like the green colour too because i love to go out in the park.i like green grass and green trees. They make me happy😊

  3. My favourite colour is pink because it reminds me of my favourite things like barbies, cupcakes and love hearts. I enjoyed this story, thank you ☺

  4. I like blue and white because they are my favourite.I like blue and white butterflies and flowers also. Zainab was surprised and excited,Mr Mehmood is reading the story.

  5. Ilyas enjoyed this colourful book. He says his favourite colour is red because it makes him feel “happy and excited”.

    Like when he sees a red sports car – “red Ferrari” or when he picks out the “red sweets” in the pack first. When he sees a “red ladybird” in the garden he jumps up and down in excitement. He gets happy wearing his favourite “red tops”. He feels happy drinking “strawberry milkshake” and eating “red strawberries “.

  6. Zak said his favourite colour is blue as his favourite treats are blue, like blueberries, bubblegum ice cream and blue box pringles.😊 ( salt and vinegar flavour.

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