RW Story-Time (Monday)

Hi RW. Welcome to today’s story-time! Today, I will be reading Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Brown. I know that you all love this story so let me know which fruit you like best (and why) in the comments below.

Animation Credits – RIC Productions (Adrian Wong)

25 thoughts on “RW Story-Time (Monday)

  1. I like this story. I enjoyed the last part ofvthe story when everyone was surprised to see the tangerines. I love to eat apples and bananas because they tastes yummy. I like the banana milkshake most.

  2. I love this story, Handa is taking her friend a gift that will definitely be a surprise but then at the end Handa has a surprise as well. Super story Mr Mahmood.😀

  3. I think those animals were cheeky but at least the goat at the end helped her by bumping into a tangerine tree. My favourite fruit is pineapple because it’s so juicy.

  4. I love this story Mr Mahmood and particularly love fruit. This morning I have had a banana and an orange as part of my breakfast but my favourite fruit is strawberries 🍓.

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