RW – What have we been up to this week?

PSED – To know and talk about the different factors that support their own health and wellbeing.

The children spoke about how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. They noted that exercise is a good way to keep our bodies fit and using the climbing frame in the Reception garden the children devised an obstacle course and attempted to ”beat their time” each time they completed it.

UW – To name and describe people who are familiar to them.

The children were able to talk about people in our community who are familiar to them including Doctors, Nurses and Teachers. They used paint to paint pictures of some of these different people and played a ’People Who Help Us’ matching game.

CL – Engage in non-fiction books.

The children looked at a variety of non-fiction books. They could identify that these books give us information and tell us facts about something. The children worked together as a team to sort a variety of texts into fiction and non-fiction.

Maths – To link the number symbol with its cardinal number value (to 8)

The children developed an understanding of number by ordering numbers and matching quantities to numeral. They also developed their touch counting skills by counting objects to see how many they had altogether.

SEAL – To understand why I should not lie and what the consequence of lying can be.

The children listened to the story ”The boy who cried wolf”. During circle time they discussed the importance of telling the truth and consequences of lying. They then role played the story.

EAD – To listen attentively, move to and talk about music, expressing their feelings and responses.

The children were played two different pieces of music. They listened attentively and moved their bodies to the music to express their feelings and responses to what they could hear.

Literacy – Spell words by identifying the sounds and then writing the sound with letters.

The children developed their letter formation and writing by labelling items they may find in a Doctors bag.

SMSC – To understand that people can be special in different ways.

The children learnt about how people can be special in different ways. They thought about their friends which are special and spoke about why they are special.

Busy Bee Time.

Library Time!

4 thoughts on “RW – What have we been up to this week?

  1. “To stay healthy you have to eat fruit and vegetables and not too much chocolate but you can have a little bit, thats ok. I like to be a policeman because i want to get the bad guys. I know not to tell lies because you have to tell the truth”

  2. Another super week of learning Reception White! Mrs Langley has done a great job showcasing our learning for you and you parents to see.
    What did you enjoy this week and why?

  3. Adam told me it’s important to do lots of exercise so we stay fit and also to eat healthy food like vegetable and fruits. Adam also said when see someone eating unhealthy food say its bad. Also adam told me he enjoyed all activities this week and had lots of fun.

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