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RW – What have we been up to this week?

We have had a great first week back! Our new topic this half term is ’Living and Growing’. This week we have been learning about how WE grow. We have had two exciting visits. One from Miss Smith and her newborn baby and one from Mrs Langley and her one year old to show how babies change into toddlers and how toddlers change into children like us! We thought about the past and spoke about what we were like as babies.

PSED – To have an understanding of what a baby needs.

We met Miss Smith and her newborn baby Lilah! Miss Smith shared with us lots of information about how she takes care of her baby and how this is different to some of the things that we need as children to stay safe and healthy.

SEAL – To understand what the word ’community’ means.

During circle time we discussed what the word community means. We jotted our ideas down and will add to this later in the term.

Writing – To ask and write questions in preparation of a toddler visit.

We thought about different questions we can ask Mrs Langley when she brings her one year old daughter Addie-Mae into school to meet us!

Maths – To identify double facts.

We developed our number knowledge and began to understand and recall double facts to 10. We used numicon to show double a number and recorded this in our books.

To know similarities between things in the past and now, drawing on their experiences.

Mrs Langley and baby Addie-Mae came to visit us! We found out about how Mrs Langley looks after Addie and different things that she likes to do now that she is a toddler. We spoke about our memories of being younger and thought about things we can do now that we couldn’t do when we were a baby.

EAD – To sketch a self portrait.

We used mirrors and pencils to sketch a self portrait. We looked carefully at our facial features and shapes that we could see before drawing.

Writing – To spell words by identifying sounds in them and representing the sounds with a letter or letters.

We used phonic knowledge to write sentences about things that a baby can do, things that a toddler can do and things that we can do now that we are a child.

Maths – To understand length.

The children used dough to make long and short snakes and thick and thin snakes. They used mathematical vocabulary to describe each snake.

SMSC – To find out about the natural world.

The children found a variety of natural objects in the outdoor environment. They used these to create sun catchers to hang in the garden.

Stay and Play.

We had a great first Stay and Play session! This week our focus was on Nursery Rhymes. Check our RW blog next week to see which parents are invited.

Library Time.

Busy Bee Time.


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  1. Adam really enjoyed seeing Mrs Langley baby she was very cute and liked our playground and toys to play with.. Adam said he really enjoyed stay and play when my mummy came to do activities with me.

  2. “I really liked to see Mrs Langleys baby she is cute and big because she is a toddler. Miss Smiths baby is cute with her bow on her head and is cute and little. I like to play with play dough, I have lots at home and I play with it on the table!”