RWhite Entrepreneur Week Home Learning 03/06/20

Good Morning Superstars! I hope you are all well and ready for more fun learning! As you all know, this week is ‘Entrepreneur Week.’

We are learning about a famous entrepreneur called, William Hamley. He founded a very famous toy shop!

Today, we will be learning about money! Without money, you wouldn’t be able to buy anything!
As always, go through the flip chart and complete the work set for your colour group.

Look at the video to help you.

Red Group.

Orange and Yellow Group.

Blue and Green Group.

Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment. Remember to send some pictures to

42 thoughts on “RWhite Entrepreneur Week Home Learning 03/06/20

  1. Well done Javishan you were able to find the totals and coins needed for each jar. Remember to let us know on the blog when you have completed each piece of work.😀

  2. Jad you are a star naming all the coins. Can you use them to help you answer the questions on the blog? Keep having fun and learning. 😀

    • Well done Hamaad great rubbings, super job labeling them all. Brilliant work answering all the questions. Keep going on the blog wonderful to see you back in here.😀

    • Well done finding and matching nearly all the coins. Keep looking for the missing one to make the complete set. Can you make rubbing of them and write their values below them.😀

  3. Ilyas listened to the song and managed to match the coins with the flip chart. He said he would sell his toy car for “one hundred million pounds!” 🤣 We came to an understanding and I bought it for £3.52. 😍

    Ilyas did the task and we have sent the pictures.

    • Well done Ilyas a definite entrepreneur in the making. Good to hear you tried had with the coin tasks. Thank you mum returning to the tasks and making up new ones will be brilliant. Try with 3 or 4 coins at first discover how many pennies are in each one link to how many penny sweets he can get with each coin. Well done again keep having fun 😀

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