RWhite Home Learning: Basic Skills 04.05.20

Hello Reception White. I hope you are all well and ready to learn!

This morning, I would like you to use both your reading and observational skills. You will need to read the captions below and see what minibeast it is referring to. It will be fun to do this with a grown up or a sibling.

Write your responses on the blog by writing the number followed by the correct minibeast name i.e: 6 is a bee.

Let’s see who can match the most captions to the pictures correctly!

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  1. 1. I am a caterpillar.
    2. I am a butterfly.
    3. I am a ladybird.
    4. I am a warm.
    5. I am a spider.
    6. I am a honey bee.
    7. I am a snail.
    8. I am an ant.

  2. . I am a caterpillar.
    2.I am a butterfly.
    3.I am a lady bird.
    4.I am a worm.
    5.I am a spider.
    6.I am a honey bee.
    7.I am a snail.
    8.I am an ant.

  3. Number 1 is a caterpillar
    Number 2 is a butterfly
    Number 3 is a ladybird
    Number 4 is a worm
    Number 5 is a spider
    Number 6 is a bee
    Number 7 is a snail
    Number 8 is an ant

  4. 1. I am a caterpillar
    2.I am a butterfly
    3.I am a lady bird
    4.I am a worm
    5.I am a spider
    6.I am a honey bee
    7.I am a snail
    8.I am an ant

  5. Hello Mr Mahmood
    Here’s my answers :
    2) Butterfly
    3) Ladybird
    4) Worm
    5) Spider
    6) Bee
    7) Snail
    8) Ant
    My favourite minibeast is a Butterfly, because I love the bright colours

  6. 1. I will turn into something with wings?
    2. I came out of a chrysalis?
    3. I have spots?
    4. I have no legs and I am wriggly?
    5. I have 8 legs?
    6. I am very busy making honey?
    7. I leave a slimy trail?
    8. I am very strong and I live in a nest?

  7. Number 1 is a butterfly.
    Number 2 is a caterpillar.
    Number 3 is a ladybird.
    Number 4 is a worm.
    Number 5 is a spider.
    Number 6 is a bee.
    Number 7 is a snail.
    Number 8 is a a ant.

  8. Great activity Mrs Dahil. I have just done this in face time with my granddaughter Orfhlaith we had great fun she got them all correct. I’m afraid i got 2 wrong but Orfhlaith helped me correct them. Have fun everyone remember to post a photo 😀

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