RWhite Home Learning Basic Skills – 07.05.20

Hello Everyone!

This morning I would like you to practise your handwriting remembering to form the letters from the line and attempting to write neatly.

Firstly, I would like you to look at the flip and the video below to see how you should be forming your letters.

Activity: Practise writing the letters i, n, p, g. Write each letter on a separate line forming the letter at least six times.

Send pictures of your handwriting to:

33 thoughts on “RWhite Home Learning Basic Skills – 07.05.20

    • Zak and I watched the video, work has been done in Zak homework book. Zak remembered all his phonics while watching the video. Eg. Q for queen. J for juggling, so I was pleased that he remember them all. I will send in his work.

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