RWhite Home Learning – Basic Skills 28.04.20

Good morning Reception White we are firstly going to ‘Wake up and Shake Up’ with Just dance after which you will have a go at some maths activities on Education City.

Click on the Education City icon below and complete one of the activities which are set on Education City. 

Activity 1: Add to 10 Activity 2: Jack in the box (Missing Numbers) Activity 3: Half and Half

Image result for educational city

The login that you have been given for the school blog is the same for Educational City. If you have any issues with your login on please let us know.

Please comment on the blog to let me know that you have completed the online learning.


  1. Hamza really enjoyed playing Add to 10 and Half and Half activity.. He wants to play it again and again🙂but we couldn’t make the jack in the box activity.. It denied the access.

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