RWhite Home Learning – Physical Fitness 07/05/20

Hello everyone 😊 Today we are going to get active and link our PE to our topic of Minibeasts.

First let’s warm ourselves up. Watch the video below and join in.

So this week we have been looking at caterpillars and butterflies. Watch the video below and look carefully at how a caterpillar moves.

Now with your grown ups, discuss how the caterpillar moves.
How do they move?
Why do they move like that?
Can you move like that?
Which way of moving is faster- a caterpillar or you?

Activity: See if you can recreate how a caterpillar moves and make up a caterpillar dance.
We would love to see your dance creations. Please send your photos and short video clips to : bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.

Also don’t forget to keep practising the activities below. There are 4 separate activities to try. Remember practice makes perfect! 😊

26 thoughts on “RWhite Home Learning – Physical Fitness 07/05/20

  1. 1/ Caterpillar move slowly and wiggle. 2/ the move slowly because have no legs. 3/ I can move like that . 4/ I am faster than caterpillar because i have legs.

  2. Ilyas sent you a video of his interpretation of caterpillar moves, it’ll cheer you up!

    Caterpillars move really slowly by sliding their body along bit by bit. They move like this because they have very short legs that are close together.

  3. The caterpillar move slowly and they wiggles.
    They wiggles and move slowly because they have really tiny legs.
    I can’t move like a caterpillar.
    I’m faster then caterpillar because I can walk fast and I can run as well.

  4. They wiggle and move slowly.
    They don’t hav legs tht y they move very slow.
    I tried to wiggle like a caterpillar and it was a bit hard.
    I can move faster than a caterpillar becoz I hav big legs.

  5. 1. The caterpillar wiggles forward.
    2. They wiggle like that because they don’t have legs and move on their tummies.
    3. Yes I can move like a caterpillar.
    4. I think I am faster than a caterpillar.

  6. 1. The Caterpillar wiggles slowly forward
    2. They move like that because they dont have small legs and move on their tummies
    3. Yes I can move like a caterpillar but it’s a bit hard
    4. I think I am faster than the Caterpillar

    • I did my exercise in the garden jumped on 1 leg 16 times 😊. I liked the caterpillar video. I think they are cool and remind me of a slug.
      Caterpillars move slowly and upwards or forwards
      They move like this because that’s how they get places, they have legs but they are short and few.
      I can try to move like them by laying on the floor and wriggle 😂
      I am faster than a caterpillar

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