RWhite Literacy – Frogs 22.05.20

Today you will be using your segmenting and blending skills to help you to write about a frog.

Before anything, I would like you to view the video below and then go through the flip with an adult. The learning for your colour group is stated at the top of the flip. Please complete the learning in your homework books.

When you have completed your learning, please leave a comment so we can tick you off.

Please send any photos of your work to:

20 thoughts on “RWhite Literacy – Frogs 22.05.20

  1. Ilyas was amazed with the frogs video. Mummy was even more so!!
    Ilyas especially liked “the frog with sticky feet because he climbs the walls like Spiderman does!”
    Ilyas will send a picture of his sentences later.

  2. They are amphibians and they are different colors and they are in every country some frog and camouflage some frog live in an a tree in the some frogs change in different colors frogs have sticky feet .

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