8 thoughts on “Mrs Begum’s reading and writing challenge.

  1. 20.cloud . 21.eggs . 29.giant. 37.screamed . 45.money
    21.jack. 22.guitar . 30.door . 38.axe
    22.shoes. 23.tunes. 31jack. 39.beanstalk
    23.climbb. 24.jack. 32.jack. 40.chopped
    24.beanstalk. 25.giant. 33.beanstalk. 41.beanstalk
    25.castle. 26.asleep. 34.giant. 42.giant
    26.giant. 27.hen. 35.jack. 43.jack
    27.hen. 28.guitar. 36.beanstalk . 44.eggs

  2. 1.jack. 9.cow . 11.window. 19.beanstalk
    2.house . 10.magic beans. 12.jack
    3.jack. 11.jack. 13.morning
    4.cow. 12.money. 14,jack
    5.food. 13.jack. 15.window
    6.shop . 14.magic beans. 16.shocked
    7.man. 15.cross . 17.beanstalk
    8.jack . 16.magic beans. 18.jack

  3. 1.Jack 9.mom
    2.house 10.window 17.Castle
    3.cow 11.Early morning 18.giant
    4.veg/fruit 12. Shocked
    5.shop. 13 been stock
    6.old man 14.clouds
    7.magic beans 15.shoes
    8.money 16.climbe the been stock

    • Thank you Sawfan I’m glad you liked it. Can you write me 5 words from the story if you can do more I shall be giving you a prize too.

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