Sainsbury’s Vouchers

We have counted and verified the total amount of Sainsbury’s vouchers Broad Heath has collected as a school.

As a team we collected 6,551. WOW, I am pleased, impressed and very happy to see how well we have done!

The fun part now, as we have collected so many vouchers, we will be able to use the vouchers to buy equipment, for example a football is 200 vouchers, and we have over 6,300!. Me, Mr Burgess and Mr Mountford will be choosing sports equipment to buy in the Sainsbury’s catalogue, however we wanted to ask you what sports equipment you would like for school? Post a comment below and ALL will be considered. The objects in the catalogue range from footballs, goals, playground equipment, bibs, cricket nets, to pretty much anything to do with sports or cooking equipment.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. We can have more basketball pitchs and loads more of fun equmient on the playground or field for pe.Can we also have loads of swimming equipment in the pool

  2. I think we should have cricket equipment so maybe we could do a cricket club, and maybe some more sport equipment so we can make a new and emproved sports club.